Russian TV presenter in extraordinary rant about Boris Johnson calling him ‘alcoholic’ – World News

Russian presenter Olga Skabeyeva is nicknamed Vladimir Putin’s “iron doll” and is one of his main propagandists with her role as presenter on TV channel Rossiya-1

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Boris Johnson has been labeled an “alcoholic” by Russian presenter Skabeyeva

A Russian state TV presenter has launched an extraordinary, unfounded tirade against Boris Johnson, branding him an “alcoholic” after winning a confidence vote with Tory MPs.

Moderator Olga Skabeyeva accused the Tories of leaving a prime minister in office who was “either a liar or drunk” in reference to the Partygate scandal that Johnson and his cabinet are dying to get over.

The explosion of Vladimir Putin’s “Iron Doll” – which branded him “cynical and hypocritical” – came as Ukrainians praised Johnson for his survival as prime minister, even making him an honorary Cossack for his moral and military support of Kiev in the war with Russia.

“In London, they finally wanted to get rid of the alcoholic Johnson,” Skabeyeva said sourly on Russian state television, even though there was no evidence to support the allegation.

“Even his dissatisfied fellow party members tried to dismiss him.

Kremlin expert Olga Skabeyeva criticized Boris Johnson with an unfounded allegation on TV channel Rossiya-1’s 60 Minutes show



“But Boris eventually got a vote of confidence and was protected from resignation for a year.

“Johnson himself wanted to prevent a vote altogether, arguing that the situation on the Ukrainian front was dire.

“So, as always, he was cynical and hypocritical…

“Johnson had the support of 211 Conservative MPs and 148 voted against.

“But opinion polls show that 59 per cent of Britons, a majority, were and remain in favor of Mr Johnson’s resignation.

“It’s their democracy. Boris stays.”

Olga Skabeyeva is a Russian TV presenter and political commentator


Rossiya 1/east2west news)

She continued, “By the length of Johnson’s nose on the front page … it’s not hard to guess that he lies regularly.

“It means he’s lying or drunk.”

In Ukraine, meanwhile, he was given a new name and Boris Chuprina and was given honorary Cossack status by the Chernihiv Cossack community of the Catherine the Great Church.

“A certificate confirming this will be sent to London,” it said in a statement.

Kiev masters Daria Dobryakova and Yuri Kutilov painted a picture of him as a Cossack in traditional clothes.

Andrei Lesnoy from the Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum explained why this surname was chosen for the new Cossack.

Chub refers to long hair in the traditional Cossack style.

Boris Johnson narrowly escaped a no-confidence vote



“Why Chupyrna? You see, his loose, free hairstyle – it emphasizes his character, his will.

“You can see on his face that he’s a great man.

“So we took his free hairdo and highlighted it in his last name so everyone would understand who we’re talking about when people say ‘Boris Chupryna’.

Cossacks from Ukraine or southern Russia are a people known for their horsemanship and military prowess, who gained considerable autonomy under the tsars.

The move to honor Johnson is unlikely to go down well with Russian Cossacks, some of whom are fighting for Putin’s forces against Ukraine.

PM Boris Johson pictured as Cossack, Boris Chupryna, by Kiev painters Daria Dobryakova and Yuri Kutilov



Skabeyeva also had trouble with a Kiev bakery that made a “sweet croissant” called Boris JohnsonUK – described as a true British delicacy.

“What is this disease?” she scolded.

The croissant looks like Johnson with his signature white meringue crown and is ideally served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the bakery says.

“If Skabeyeva is burning with anger because of Johnson, then by all means the croissants will be baked as delicious as possible,” they replied.

It is “inspired by the English apple pie and adorable hairdo of our mutual favourite, dedicated with gratitude to our British friends for their support in the war against Russia”.

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