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Russian state media have concealed reports of Vladimir Putin’s forces committing unspeakable war crimes in Ukraine – including the rape of infants, children and women and arbitrary killings

Russians fear President Vladimir Putin, claims an expert
Russians fear President Vladimir Putin, claims an expert

According to a Kremlin propaganda expert, Russians are not brainwashed and know about the atrocities in Ukraine.

After Vladimir Putin ordered troops to invade Ukraine in February, Russian state media began to spread disinformation and lies about the conflict.

One of the most insidious tall tales was that a so-called “military special operation” was essential to liberating ordinary Ukrainians from the oppression of their “Nazi” overlords.

TV channels like Rossiya 1 also regularly underestimate the number of Russian soldiers slaughtered by Ukrainian forces every day and exaggerate military successes.

They have also tried to hide and deny reports that Russian forces have committed untold war crimes – including the rape of infants and children and extrajudicial killings that some view as genocide.

But while state broadcasters manipulate the narrative of the war, they can’t completely hide it from the Russian population, an expert believes.

Atlantic Council researcher Eto Buziashvili, who oversees Russia’s state media, told The Mirror the information is still leaking out despite the Kremlin’s attempts to hide it.

Information about the war is easily accessible via social media and using VPNs


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Ms Buziashvili said: “Millions of Russians are still using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the country sees an increase in VPN downloads.

“So the Russians have the information. Although Western platforms are banned there, they can still access it – be it social media or traditional media.

“In those early weeks of the war, before the BBC was banned, they reported that they had a few million hits from Russia.”

Ms Buziashvili believes the claim is “further proof” that people can see through the charade, causing them to “look for accurate information”.

People stroll through Red Square in Moscow on June 7


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But the Russians who have the information make it difficult to understand why support for the war in Russia remains so high, Ms Buziashvili said.

She added, “People in the West take it as a blanket statement that Russians are brainwashed and only have TV, but come on, I mean, they have the internet and there are so many different sources.”

And while Russians are looking for more reliable sources, Western media are looking for more direct means of communicating their questions.

In recent months, British and American publications have switched to Telegram, which is widely used in Eastern Europe and Russia, lest they be deprived of the truth.

She added: “If the Russians have all this information, why aren’t they doing something about it?”

Eto Buziashvili is a Russian state propaganda researcher at the Atlantic Council

The researcher believes that the imprisonment of Putin’s nemesis Alexei Navalny – the leading opposition figure in Russia – had a profound impact on the ability of resistance movements to mobilize among the country’s activists.

She said: “Perhaps it was difficult for the rest of society to mobilize without a leader.

“Even though Navalny is still trying, his social media accounts are still used by his team to connect with Russians. He tweets a lot, his YouTube channel is still active.

Russian state media routinely underreport the number of Kremlin soldiers slaughtered in Ukraine


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“That’s one of the factors. But there is also a fear – and that fear makes people unable to coordinate to take to the streets.”

In late May, Navalny, whose initial arrest sparked mass protests and civil disobedience across Russia, announced he faces an additional 15 years in prison.

He is currently serving a nine-year sentence after being found guilty of fraud in March.

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