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It is the first time that Russians have openly expressed their outrage at Vladimir Putin’s war and asked, “How many more will die before this war is over?”

Tank driver Alexei Veselkov was 24 years old when he died
Tank driver Alexei Veselkov was 24 years old when he died

Russians are expressing their outrage at Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as many have spoken out about the deaths of young “cannon fodder” soldiers.

Many are speaking out online, despite the threat of severe penalties for doing so.

One case that struck the Russians was the death of tank driver Alexei Veselkov, one of thousands Putin sent to Ukraine to die.

Aged 24, he married in June 2021 and his daughter was born last month – just before he was killed. He never saw the child.

“God, it’s unbearable to see and read this,” noted Natasha Ilina. “So young and they haven’t even seen their children. Eternal memory.”

Soldier Dmitry Kozubenko, 21, died in Ukraine on March 26



Arsalan Togmitov was buried this week after his death in the war



Another comment Elena said: “He looks like 17. It’s so sad. So many of our men have died.”

Another comment asked, “Why are such young guys sent there?” Another Russian asked, “He’s such a kid – when will this end?”

Natalia Krainova said: “How is his family surviving this grief? who needs that [war]?

Olga Habibullovna implicitly criticized Putin and posted: “Why do we send such young Russian men there? Who will bring these boys back to life?

“Condolences to his family and loved ones. Eternal memory.”

Another simply said, “When will this whole nightmare end?”

The death of Corporal Maxim Bolshakov prompted one Russian to slam the politicians who are “making money from this so-called military operation.”



Solbon Bolotov’s death left many wondering when the war would end



On reading about the death of Roman Sadykov, 25, Elena Tushich posted: “This is the third obituary in an hour [my] feed…”

Tamara Darmaeva added her voice: “Condolences to the family. It’s so sad for our boys. How long will they die?”

Vera Kazachenko asked plaintively, “How many more will die before this war is over?”

Marina Dengina vented her anger and said: “When will it finally end? It hurts so much to read about these newly deceased men. New faces every day. We’re losing handsome, strong, manly guys with kind eyes. Eternal memory of you, hero! Sincere condolences.”

The death of Dmitry Kozubenko, 21, prompted a comment from Larisa Sundupova-Namsaraeva, saying: ‘When will this end, sorry for such young men. They all had lives ahead of them, my heart aches for them?”

Elena Alexandrova wrote: “Lord, it is so sad when the young die.”

Dramatic footage shows a Russian tank being blown to bits by a Ukrainian missile

Tatyana Geninova added: “If it was a time of peace, they would have lived until they had gray hair, raised their children and seen their grandchildren.”

Valentina Kiryaeva said: “He is still a boy. Why are so young people sent to war? He has never seen life and now he will not know it.”

Arsalan Togmitov, 24, a soldier, was buried this week after being assassinated in Ukraine.

Maxim Grudinin posted: “So many of our men are dying.”

And Aryuna Batueva said: “I am so sorry that our boys are dying. condolences to the family. May this end soon.”

The death of First Sergeant Namzhil Sangadiyev, 38, prompted Alexey Sayanov to remark: “Our country has lost so many sons, we pray he is the last on this list.” Condolences to the family and loved ones…”

How many Russian troops died?

Another fallen Sergeant Zhargal Dashiyev, 38, prompted Svetlana Potemk to ask, “When will this war be over?”

About Corporal Solbon Bolotov, 26, Natalya Seleznyova asked: “God, when will this end?”

A similar comment by Kseniia on the death of tanker Bair Rinchinov, 32, asked: “How many sisters, wives and mothers cry every day…

“When will this end…?”

The death of Maxim Bolshakov, 22, from Ulan-Ude, Russia’s worst-hit region by casualties, prompted Tsyren-Dulma Ayusheeva to say: “I’m just sorry for the peaceful Ukrainian people and our military who are dying because politicians spend money earn in this so-called military operation.

“This is a war, not something else… When will this be over?”

Russia has not commented on the number of casualties, with the latest statement from the official Defense Ministry saying 1,351 soldiers have been killed since Putin’s invasion on February 24.

However, a NATO official was quoted in US media as saying that between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers may have died.

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