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Chris Hughes answers all the big questions about the invasion so far and why Russia couldn’t claim victory

Ukrainian troops
Ukraine has said its troops have regained control of territory on the Russian border

It has been almost three months since Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine that has devastated the country.

But Russia has not seen the rapid gains it would have hoped for in the face of fierce opposition from its neighbor.

Below, Chris Hughes answers all the key questions about the invasion and why Russia hasn’t achieved victory so far.

Why did the invasion stall?

It was overly ambitious and launched with an ill-funded, ill-disciplined and ill-trained military against a bold, highly motivated defense force that has had great effect.

Putin’s commanders launched attacks on several fronts, from the east, where they have been fighting for years, north of Belarus and to the south.

In the East they are deadlocked against well-trained, battle-hardened, disciplined Ukrainian troops fighting an existential struggle.

The Russians don’t seem invested in combat and suffer from low morale.

Many Russians entered the battle without knowing where they were, and their commanders arrogantly hoped they would take Kyiv within days.

It takes roughly four to one to capture a city, and Putin’s plan to overrun Kyiv and other cities was based on shockingly weak evidence of Ukrainian resolve and capability.

Russian President Vladimir Putin



Why were the Russian troops so bad?

They have been severely neglected over the years. Poorly trained, poorly fed, and sent into battle with inadequate supplies, even including rations five years out of date.

Some were so low on fuel that they broke. Top-down corruption in Russia has led to funds being diverted into the wrong hands, resulting in a cynical and underperforming force.

Discipline is a big issue and senior officers were sent to the front lines to try and control the troops before they were killed.

The backbone of any army is its NCOs, and Russia’s are poorly trained. Many recruits are full conscripts.

What is happening on site?

Russian troops fled the outskirts of Kyiv weeks ago to focus on the mission in the east, where the two sides have been fighting since 2014.

Russian troops fled the outskirts of Kyiv weeks ago



They repeatedly attempted to take the northeastern city of Kharkiv and reportedly lost this vital area.

Despite grandiose Russian claims of a major victory in the key city of Mariupol, Ukrainian troops are still holding on to the steel mills and their fight is now a symbol of Ukrainian defiance and courage.

Russia can hardly claim to have taken major cities in Ukraine and is failing to hold onto the ground it once dominated. The Ukrainian counterattack seems to be gaining ground and momentum.

What will happen next?

In the short term, it looks as if Russia will continue to take heavy casualties while at the same time claiming the lives of Ukrainian civilians with brutal bombardments.

The war started at the end of February



Ukrainian troops are massing, but this next stage of their defense is critical. Until now, they have been constantly flanking, ambushing and cutting off supply lines from Russian forces.

As of 2014, Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces engaged in constant battles in an ever-changing theater of war, but then settled down with long-term positions on the frontlines. It is possible that this will happen again.

Could the war suddenly end?

This is unlikely as Putin has backed himself into a corner and needs to save face even with a small victory in the Donbass region he may have to settle for.

But Ukraine has shown no signs of being ready to commit to such a victory for Putin. Western diplomats are returning to Kyiv, another indication that the war is calming down and is likely to continue for a few more years.

In the Donbass, it is believed to be focused on western supply lines with long-range Russian missile strikes while Putin seeks to stem the flow of support being received by Ukrainian troops.

Will Russian war criminals ever be brought to justice?

Crime charges against named Russian troops are pending in Kyiv, but major war crimes cases in international courts are unlikely for years to come.

The weight of the evidence required is enormous and it is not just about proving that civilians were killed. There is an avalanche of anecdotal evidence against thousands of Russian troops, but it needs to be nailed down.

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