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The seemingly futile offensive strategies employed by Vladimir Putin’s forces have left experts and analysts scratching their heads as tanks pounced into Ukraine’s death trap.

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Ukraine: Russian tanks ambushed in Brovary

Russia’s “unsuccessful” combat tactics in its invasion of Ukraine have left military experts scratching their heads.

Several pundits, analysts and academics have praised the approach taken by Putin’s forces, who have been heavily damaged with seemingly futile offensive strategies they often fail to execute. meaningful incursions into urban centers of Ukraine.

A particularly puzzling example of seemingly incompetence was highlighted when drone footage yesterday showed a column of Russian tanks being destroyed one by one in a Russian ambush. Ukrainian forces.

Military experts and analysts have questioned how and why Russian tank commanders allow themselves to go straight into the death trap, driving down the middle of the main road.

Many sources have agreed that so far the number of tanks that Putin’s army has lost is so great that it exceeds the number in possession of the entire German army.

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Members of the Ukrainian armed forces walk past the belongings of Russian soldiers left behind after Ukrainian forces dispatched their armored vehicles, as Russia’s assault on Ukraine continues, outside Brovary, near Kyiv



The devastating artillery attacks at Brovary destroyed several Russian T-72 tanks and other vehicles.

The ambush added to Moscow’s misery, including heavier-than-expected casualties, freezing temperatures, and reports of low troop morale.

Reports said the Russian 6th tank regiment escaped with minimal casualties, but commander Andrei Zakharov was presumed dead, sending troops into a state of panic and the unit retreating.

Franz-Stefan Gady, an analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said the war highlighted the danger of failing to secure urban territory before advancing.

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A scarab from the drone footage of the destroyed column in Brovary



He said on Twitter: “Combating presents the danger of failing to secure urban terrain with full infantry plus scouts. Assets as key elements of the force traverse urban terrain, ideally. is suitable for ambushes.”

Rob Lee, Senior Research Fellow and military expert at the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, said the ambush represented “very poor tactics”.

He tweeted: “Very poor tactics as this Russian armored force is showing too close to Kyiv. They are within range of Ukrainian artillery in Kyiv, they are on a clear path of approach, and they still decided to regroup like this, making them more susceptible to indirect fire.”

Likewise, the Austrian army’s research and development department demonstrated that the ambushed pole was part of a larger Russian Combat Tactical Group.

Ukrainian servicemen driving a Russian tank captured after the attack on the column in Brovary



They picked out several key points leading up to the ambush.

A large group of Russian vehicles, at least 30 tanks, approached Kyiv on a main road on the northeastern outskirts of Brovary.

Given the size of the column, Ukrainian forces could know it was coming and predict where it would go.

Russian commanders may have chosen a safer route around densely populated areas, but chose to simply continue.

Russian troops entered an ambush near Kyiv and were forced to retreat in the face of Ukrainian artillery attacks



Ukrainian forces used a UAV drone to select targets from above, then began to carry out attacks from a safe distance.

Despite the fact that the missile hit the road ahead and on the sides of the road, the forces continued to advance towards the main road.

This pole uses Soviet-era motions, causing vehicles to cross obstacles when entering a choke point with houses on either side.

This means they have only two exits, advance to Kyiv, or retreat.

Military experts and analysts have been baffled by some of Russia’s tactics, including this column’s assault on Kyiv



Ukrainian artillery prevented the grinding of columns in the village of Skybyn.

The column’s vehicles were too tight to move, leaving the Russians sitting like ducks in front of Ukrainian fire.

Footage from the plane showed artillery attacks narrowly deflecting the tank, and one of the BTR-82 armored personnel carriers was hit directly and exploded in flames.

Another flank was also hit and destroyed.

This left the column with no choice but a humiliating defeat, with the tanks seen moving northeast away from Kyiv.

This is just one example of the poor tactics employed by the Kremlin’s forces that turned what they planned as a flash invasion into a protracted war.

The true extent of Putin’s losses is unknown, but Ukraine claims that it has destroyed more than 12,000 troops, destroyed more than 350 tanks, 80 helicopters, 125 artillery units, 1,150 aircraft carriers and nearly 60 aircraft. fly.

Military tracking website Oryx uses data based on visual confirmation that more than 1,000 Russian vehicles have been destroyed, damaged, abandoned or captured by Ukraine to date.

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