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You know how it is. You’re driving your scooter to work another exhausting day as the Head of Human Resources at the Acme Widgets factory when something pops into your head.

You ride through the factory gates, give the guard Jim a final happy wave, then turn right into the nearest plowed field with a crazy plan to ride the all-terrain around the world. .

Then get bogged down after 50 yards because you’re on a scooter. Sighing, you turn back to Jim and the clock ticks in.

Bargain – This is the 125cc version

But fear not, young adventurer, for those great adventures at Aprilia gave birth to the SR GT, a 125 or 200cc urban adventure scooter designed for more than just cruising around cities. but also go off-road with mud on the tires and a song in your heart.

And before the skeptical BMW GS owners among you start laughing, first of all, we all know that your idea of ​​terrain is parking on the sidewalk, and second, an adventure scooter. Previously saved in the world, Honda X-ADV 750cc, Best Seller GS completely conquered in Italy in 2018 and has done very well since Honda just launched a 350cc version.

So, ya boo bad, because we adult motorcyclists won’t want to talk.

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It’s not surprising that Italians dream of this – 1.3 million scooters are sold worldwide each year, 200,000 of them in Europe, and in Italy 75% of motorists are motorcyclists. racing enthusiasts, in contrast to the UK.

The SR GT’s off-road aspirations are long-travel suspension, good ground clearance and versatile tires, but being Italian, there’s no stopping it from looking great, with a sleek and stylish design. Way to lovely details like the winding flow of the pillion grab rail.

Spacious – Even for your average 6ft 7in scooterist

Climb aboard and be at ease, even your average 6ft 7ins explorer, with a simple yet informative digital display, including a full tachometer meaningless.

But then, this is Italy, and every self-respecting person needs to know how his engine is spinning (not a fallacy).

The rearview mirror is surprisingly good for a scooter, and the optional tall display proves capable of taking in the air at high speeds.

Cozy – The optional tall screen does a good job of keeping the wind at bay

I started on the 200cc version and with a weight of just 148kg, the acceleration is quick enough to keep you out of the front lights of most bog standard bikes, while the brakes feel good and bite to take you Stop neatly at the next time you book.

Classy – available in a variety of liveries

Even if you don’t really go off-road with it, the long-travel suspension and the highest ground clearance of any scooter handle potholes and rough roads nicely, in when 14-inch rear and 15-inch front wheels mean good handling compared to the old’s scooters, on which the wheels are about the size of a pound.

Having said that, it is still quite light and vague on the 200cc version, albeit neutral enough.

Nifty – Cornering is light and neutral, and more precise on the 125 . version

Now it’s time to get your hands on the 125cc version, you can of course get your UK driving license once you’ve completed the required Basic Training, which usually takes just one day.

While it’s 4kg lighter than the 200, acceleration is a bit sluggish, though still quite enough to get around cities, the good news is that I found the handling to be significantly more precise, though though Aprilia distributors can’t think of a clear reason why. Freak.

Handy – A small hole and a USB socket to charge your phone

Nice little details on both include a small hole with a USB socket for charging your phone and a storage space under the padding that Aprilia claims will feature a full-face helmet, although it’s not mine, so if you are a larger rider you may need to borrow a smaller head.

Space – The storage below will hold a smaller full-face helmet

If you’re feeling particularly upset, a button on the left sidebar lets you make the engine stop automatically when the scooter is up and running, though because of the nine-liter fuel tank for a 217-mile range, don’t blame me if all of your mates call you cheap.

Only minor complaint is that the seat is a bit firm, so after an hour or so you’ll want to get off and rest.

Smart – You can set the motor to trip when it stops for even more economical mpg

Mind you, in Italy you need to stop after an hour to check your hair and have your coffee – whatever you do, don’t order a cappuccino after 11am, or you’ll get shot for being a heathen.

This is a national law in Italy, in such a way that people who don’t care about style, beauty, clothes, food, love, wine or waving their hands while talking simply will not be accepted.

All right. Believe me, I’m a journalist.

Dash – Instrument panel has all you need to know, plus a tacho just for show

On both models, however, it’s nice to be out in the Genoa sun, gliding through the bends on a scooter.

I felt so fulfilled that I decided to stay there and then move to Italy, marry a beautiful widow who owned a vineyard, and have 17 children, all called Junior to avoid confusion. .

But then I realized that I had a family, so I had to go back, half happy, half reluctant, back to the real world, which I usually try to avoid as much as possible.

So do you if you work for Acme Widgets.

Aprilia SR GT

Engine: 125 / 200cc single liquid-cooled

Power: 15bhp @ 8,750rpm / 17bph @ 8,500rpm

Torque: 9ft lb @ 6,500 rpm / 12 ft lb @ 7,000 rpm

Color: Black; grey; blue; yellow; Red

Price: £3,700 / £3,900

Build your own Vespa!

Can’t you manage £4,899 for a Vespa 125? As always, Mirror Motorcycling has the solution – build your own for £80.

Pieces of the puzzle of our time – cute little Lego Vespa

Okay, it’s made of Lego, but what do you expect for that price, ungrateful piece?

1,106 pieces come together to create an adorable minifigure in classic pastel blue, complete with a bouquet of flowers in the basket, spare wheel to removable engine cover, kickstand and active steering wheel motion. We love it.

It’s currently available from Lego stores or online for £83.

Browse more than 19,000 new and used bicycles for sale at Say goodbye to widgets - and conquer the world in style: Aprilia SR GT launch review - Geoff Hill

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