Scammer claims Catriona Carey ‘forged his signature’ and they have an ‘intimate’ relationship

A convicted fraudster listed as joint secretary to Catriona Carey’s Careysfort Asset Estates has now turned against the former Irish hockey star, saying she will blame him for everything.

Patrick Maher, 55, from Wexford, has been appointed joint secretary of Careysfort in the UK in December 2021, having been appointed to the same role at an Irish registered version of the company two years earlier.

The British company is now the focus of an €800,000 fraud probe after dozens of indebted property owners were swindled with promises of non-existent loan buybacks.


Fraudster Patrick Maher says Catriona Carey forged his signature on documents

Today, in his first interview, Maher said:

  • allegations that Catriona Carey forged his signature on company documents;
  • Claims his relationship with Carey, whom he dubbed “Miss Money Penny,” was romantic, not business;
  • Claims he only spoke briefly to Carey’sfort clients on the phone when Carey’s father was dying;
  • Admits he went on a five-day Caribbean cruise with Carey and paid to use customer deposits, but says he brought the “spending money” with him;
  • And says he is now “fully cooperating with Gardaí” in their investigations.

“She’s going to blame me for everything,” Maher, who claims to be in poor health and to have suffered four strokes, told the Sunday World.

“I’ve never seen, met or signed anything for these people.

“She’s trying to blame me.

“She forged my signature — but I never signed for anything.”


Our reporter spoke to Maher at his home earlier this year

Maher is already known to Gardaí for his involvement in a variety of scams.

In January 2020 he received a two-year suspended sentence for cheating a Wexford family out of €2,500 and a €9,000 boat with promises he could help them get their house back after it defaulted.

And he is currently awaiting conviction on four counts of obtaining funds through fraud by preparing false mortgage applications and another count of defrauding a woman out of her car.

Maher reached out to the Sunday World this week after an interview with Catriona Carey, claiming the 43-year-old “teared her ass open”.

“She’ll blame me for everything.”

When asked if he said his name had been forged in company documents relating to both the Careysfort companies registered in England and Ireland, Maher replied: “Yes, yes – 100 pieces.”

When asked if he said he had no interest in Careysfort Asset Estates or its clients, Maher again replied, “Yes.”

We then shared with Maher that we had spoken to a Careysfort client who confirmed that he had spoken to her regarding contracts on her property – even promising at one point that he had personally mailed her contract.

“I’ve dealt with some of them,” he said, “because they [Carey] gave me her phone last September to take care of these people while her father was dying.

“She asked me to take care of her while she cared for her dying father.”

When asked if it was his claim that his only involvement in Careysfort came when Catriona Carey’s father was dying, Maher replied, “Yes.”

“I have been in a very intimate relationship with Catriona Carey since February 2019.”

When asked if he had ever accepted money from Careysfort customers, “I have never received money from Careysfort customers.

“I know Catriona Carey received cash. I had no access or ability to their bank account at all.

“She had the only full and complete access to it.”


Catriona Carey says she had a brief romance with Patrick Maher

Asked if he told a client that he published her contract in relation to her property, Maher said: “I can’t recall every conversation, but I never said I published them.

“Why should I post a contract?”

When told he had already admitted to taking Catriona Carey’s phone and taking care of clients while her father was ill, Maher replied, “No, she gave me her other phone because my own phone was down at the time was because I hadn’t paid the bill.

“She gave me this phone and asked me if I could answer customers when I had time.

“She gave this number to clients. I didn’t call her.

“I never met these customers or sent anything to them. I never signed a contract with them or anything.”

When asked if he would work with Gardaí to investigate the fraud, Maher replied, “Yes, 100 pieces.”

When asked what he wanted to tell investigators, he said: “The truth. I have nothing to hide. I am a man who has had four strokes. I can hardly walk, as you saw the day you came to my house.”

Maher was asked if he took a trip to Florida with Catriona Carey, which she paid for with customer deposits.

“I was with her on a trip to Miami,” he said. “I can’t remember what year it was, a five-day cruise from Miami to the Caribbean.

“It was the only trip I’ve ever taken with her and I brought my own money. She paid for the trip, yes, and I brought the pocket money with me.

“This is the trip to Miami — the one for 20,000+ or ​​whatever it was. But she had also booked a trip to the Olympics, so the amount is a mess.

“But she paid for the trip. I brought the pocket money with me.”

When asked how he will be working with Gardaí, Maher replied, “I’m already working with Gardaí.”

Maher refused to elaborate, saying: “It’s between me and the Gardaí.

“It’s not public knowledge. I told the Gardaí the whole truth.”

When asked why he had so many documents and bank records relating to Careysfort if he had no legitimate connection to the company, Maher replied, “Because, how should I put it, my legal department and the Gardaí wanted to see what happened and which ones.” Information we have received is from me about Catriona Carey.”

Maher’s allegations were presented to Catriona Carey this week, and she denied that Maher’s signature on company documents was forged.

“I didn’t,” she said. “They were conducted through an online system. I have his authority to do that when he was ill, to make changes. It’s so absolute with the guards, categorically no.

“I didn’t sign him on any company document — he was a willing and massive participant in this venture.”

When asked about Maher’s claim their relationship was romantic, she said, “Right, right at the beginning I thought he was a nice person, but after that I just kept in touch to get work done.” Scammer claims Catriona Carey ‘forged his signature’ and they have an ‘intimate’ relationship

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