Scientists discover gene that ‘DOUBLE your risk of severe Covid’

SCIENTISTS say they have discovered a gene that doubles the risk of severe Covid disease.

Since the pandemic began, experts have been puzzled as to why some people have been hit so hard by the virus, while others have not.

Our genetics may play an important role in the severity of Covid


Our genetics may play an important role in the severity of Covid

Now, a research team in Poland claims that, after age, weight and sex, a particular gene is the most important factor for identify the risk of severe Covid.

They say the gene is present in about 14% of Poles, up to 9% of Europeans and 27% of Indians.

Experts say the research could be used to spot patients who need more urgent care if they are hospitalized.

It could also encourage gene carriers to get vaccinated, as only half of Poles get two shots.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said: “After more than a year and a half of work, we were able to identify a gene that causes a predisposition to severe illness (with coronavirus).

“This means that in the future we will be able to … identify people with a predisposition to severe Covid.”

Professor Marcin Moniuszko, Medical University of Bialystok, led the study, which has not been published but was presented at a press conference.

The researchers looked at about 1,500 Covid patients, the university said.

Research indicates that our genetic profile is “even more important” than existing underlying disease, a Press Release declared.

It said having one of the genes meant someone would be “two times more likely to get infected or even die from Covid-19”.

The team says they will be able to use a “relatively simple genetic test” to identify people with risk genes.

“Such a test could help better identify people who, if infected, may be at risk of contracting the disease quickly before infection occurs,” said Professor Moniuszko.

“Then such people can receive intensive care, increasing protection both prophylactic (additional doses of protective vaccination) and medical (new treatments).”

Other studies have discovered genetic variations that make a person more susceptible to the virus.

In November, British scientists said they had identify a version of a gene may be associated with a doubling of the risk of lung failure during Covid.

Oxford University has shown a piece of DNA that stops lung cells from fighting off viruses.

The gene, called LZTFL1, doubles the risk of dying from Covid.

More than one in six Britons and Europeans may have this gene, research suggests.

But those from South Asian heritage face an even greater threat.

61.2% of people in the area are believed to have this disease.

Scientists say it could explain why South Asians in the UK has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

However, they emphasize that genes are not the only reason.

There are several other important factors among these communities that are thought to contribute to the increased mortality.

About two percent of people with Afro-Caribbean ancestry carry the higher-risk genotype.

This further suggests that the genetic link cannot fully explain the higher mortality rates reported for black and minority communities in the UK.

According to experts, where you are most likely to catch Covid – full list revealed Scientists discover gene that ‘DOUBLE your risk of severe Covid’

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