Sean Hannity says Chris Christie believes he has a mission from God

Sean Hannity scoffed that Republican Chris Christie was running for president because of a higher calling. (Listen below.)

“He just thinks … God has anointed him Trump’s killer,” the Fox News host said on his radio show on Friday.

Hannity slammed the former New Jersey governor for “completely woke up” after denouncing it government bans for gender-equitable care of young people. Hannity surmised that Christie was a RINO who enjoyed taking his place on the Republican stage while winning the favor of mainstream news outlets.

“Chris Christie is not a Republican,” Hannity said. “Chris Christie’s made it his mission to be popular with the media mafia, and he’s there to do just as much harm to everyone – any Conservative candidate, and he takes his place on a stage, has no desire, absolutely no hope, ever to be president.” . And he just thinks that God has anointed him Trump hunter. Well, Donald Trump probably won’t be in any of those debates.”

Sean Hannity recently criticized Republican Chris Christie's presidential nomination, saying the former New Jersey governor is considering it "God has anointed him Trump hunter."
Sean Hannity recently criticized Republican Chris Christie’s presidential nomination, saying the former New Jersey governor thinks “God anointed him to be a Trump hunter.”

Republican candidates are scheduled to do so Debate for the first time on August 23, but who exactly will be there is unclear. Trump has wondered why he should debate when he has such a huge lead, and others may resist the Republican National Committee’s demand that GOP candidates commit to supporting the prospective nominee.

Meanwhile, Christie is among the few candidates who openly attack Trump – and he is paying the price for it.

He was booed when he said at a Conservative conference on Friday, “I’m running because Trump has let us down.” He is unwilling to take responsibility for the mistakes that have been made, for the mistakes he has made has, and for the things he has done.”

He called Trump, whom he once coached for presidential debates, a “stubborn kid.” He said Trump’s ego and vanity in the face of legal jeopardy had traumatized the country and that he had inflicted his own wounds in the case of the classified documents by intentionally hoarding the government files after being ordered to return them.

Christie received praise from Stephen A. Smith, one of the most influential voices in sports media.

But Christie is still a vision.

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