Season 13 of Apex Legends advances teamwork with a new breed of heroes and changes to ranked mode

In recent seasons, the developers of Apex Legends have been working to open up the game, both with a massive new map and a temporary game mode that swaps battle royale action for a more traditional team deathmatch. On May 10th, they’re introducing another new legend to the arena, Newcastle, and making changes that could help players focus on teamwork.

Season 13 of Apex Legends bears the title savior, which fits into Newcastle’s kit of skills that revolve around keeping his teammates alive longer to help them win fights. While a series of leaks over the past few months spoiled some of the surprises, seeing him in action is another matter entirely. He has a passive ability unlike any character we’ve seen before, with the ability to not only shield and revive downed teammates, but also guide them to safety. Shield power level increases when Newcastle carries a higher level Knockdown Shield, adding another tweak to an often overlooked item.


Image: Respawn Entertainment

His tactical ability, which players can use periodically between cooldowns, is a floating energy shield. We didn’t have playtest time to try it out, but from what the developers said during a briefing, it sounds like it would be easy to control during combat, allowing players to rotate and move the shield to advance towards enemies or to guard them when retreating back. In a game where “third parties” attack every time shots are fired, a controllable shield to cover additional angles could change things a lot.

Finally, Newcastle’s ultimate allows him to jump great distances, smash his shield into the ground, and quickly set up a “castle wall” for defense. It was highlighted in the new season trailer that featured it, but a key element of playing Newcastle is that you’ll be able to cover even greater distances by targeting your teammates before activating it, which is him higher and further will carry heroic salvation to them.

While other Legends have abilities that can help their teammates, this one actually uses them to make it better, so maybe the next random ones you trio with will actually consider working together. As usual, while the game itself is free to play, unlocking the new character requires 12,000 of the Legend Tokens, which players can earn through playing the game or with 750 Apex Coins. The coins can also be earned in a variety of ways in-game, but most are available through purchase, with prices starting at $9.99 for 1,000 coins.


POI “The Degenerate Beast”.
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Alternate angle to

Alternate angle to “The Downed Beast”.
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Teamplay is a theme for the new season as it relates to changes for the massive Storm Point map and for a revamped approach to points and progression for all those diving into ranked play. The Storm Point map appeared to solve the problem of constant third parties, but was criticized by some players and streamers for being too big and sprawling to be fun, with some people saying they could walk around the map for an entire game and nothing see everyone. For the new season, “a detailed global tuning pass was critical to improve overall gameplay by the minute” on the map, based on telemetry and player data collected since it was added.

There’s a new location on the map, as the giant sea creature killed in the Season 13 trailer is now part of the action as a “Downed Beast” POI, which should give players more reasons to visit an unloved corner of the map . The other big changes players will see come from four IMC armories that have grown from underground. With callbacks to the titanium fall Playing them, they offer squads the ability to enter and repel waves of Specter robots for 60 seconds. The more robots you lay down, the more gear you’ll get as a prize, before exiting the armory to reposition yourself on the map. Doors lock while players are inside, so you don’t have to worry about other squads interrupting you before it’s over.

Finally, among all the other balance changes that are coming Apex Legends In the new season, Respawn has announced a top-to-bottom change in the way player performance is rated in ranked modes.

As we discovered when it launched in 2019, ranked mode invites you to earn points based on how many other players you kill or where your team finishes each round. In general, the longer you last, the more points you get, and the more players you kill, the more points you get. If your teammate gets a kill, it doesn’t affect your score unless you were able to get credit for an assist. As you rank up, you can earn more points, but it will cost you points to start each game. So if you don’t perform well, you won’t move up. It’s key to keeping the game fresh for experienced players and giving them a goal to pursue further.


Apex scored a ranking when it debuted in 2019
Image: Respawn Entertainment

In the current season, the developers changed the rating to reward players more for outlasting more of their opponents, but this caused some issues as players could consistently level up just by hiding until the end of a match when only a few teams were left. Additionally, Apex Legends kept players at the highest rank they achieved, so anyone who started losing more points than they could possibly gain back in a season had little incentive to maintain the same level of effort or work with their teammates.

Under the new system, trying to climb the ranks to become an Apex Predator will have more to do with your team’s performance than ever before. Respawn has broken down the changes here, but just for scoring, the number of points you get for a kill will now change based on where you finish. If you kill multiple enemies but still get eliminated prematurely, that’s a loss in the eyes of the developers, and you’ll likely lose points instead of gaining them. On the other hand, if you stick with the last two or three teams but don’t manage to kill anyone, the points you get won’t be anywhere near enough to make any real progress.

Also, players now get points when someone on the team gets a kill. Whether you’re doing nothing on the whole map or like me you’re a team player who bravely fires to give your teammates a chance to attack from the flank, you’ll be rewarded. Players can also drop out of the tiers they are in if they lose enough points. With all of the changes combined, it seems difficult to reach the highest tiers available, but in a way that more fairly rewards those who play the game as intended.

Otherwise respawn has confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will launch on Android and iOS later this month, but not many other details are available about it just yet. We also haven’t heard of any fixes or changes to the 4K console versions of the game, which debuted in late March. Apex Legends: Savior will be available on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC with the launch of Season 13 on May 10th. Season 13 of Apex Legends advances teamwork with a new breed of heroes and changes to ranked mode

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