Selfless adventurers that many can learn from in 2022


I welcome the team involved in the location of Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance. The survival of the crew in 1915 was truly a great feat of endurance, leadership, and loyalty. Published articles and letters show great interest in this expedition.

note that there is no mention of the other half of the expedition.

This is a trans-Antarctic expedition involving two ships and their crew.

Aurora, led by Aeneas Mackintosh, made landfall on the far side of Antarctica and placed supply depots on the ice to sustain Shackleton’s party as they traverse the continent.

Sadly, they weren’t as lucky as the crew of Endurance.

They also display great tenacity, loyalty, and commitment, despite the cost to themselves.

The twin restraints of death and madness are featured – so it’s not as pleasant a story as the one about Endurance.

I would urge everyone to read it as the quality of these adventurers is rarer and rarer in a society that seems ever more self-centered.

Paddy Murray

Castlepollard, Co Westmeath

We need to investigate to find out why we have so few nurses

May I suggest that Taoiseach, as soon as he returns from congratulating the Irish staff in Britain’s single-level National Health Service, set up a government inquiry into why so little young Irish registered to train as a nurse?

As with other questions, this question should be reported urgently – within two years, for example.

Without wanting to foretell any research findings, I can suggest that the investigation examines nurses working during a pandemic with their meager leave time, low wages, and impact on their health. mentally when asked by a Government Minister to “shop around” over €140,000 a year?

Gareth Smyth

Louisburgh, Co Mayo

Superpowers stand still like a nation wiped out

Its 18 days since Russia invaded independent sovereign Ukraine.

Around the world, death and destruction are wrought by invaders – in relentless attacks from the ground and
air – clearly visible.

With cities under siege and
“Repeated efforts to send food and medicine and evacuate civilians
thwarted by Russian shelling”, (“Families “were forced to fight each other for food in the besieged city”,
Irish independenceMarch 11),
How long will the EU, US, UN and NATO stand idly by before taking action to secure the lives and lands of the Ukrainian people?

Now is the time to get rid of Russian forces in Ukraine, push Russia back to its pre-2014 borders, before the Ukrainian people are annihilated and their lands completely annexed by Russia.

Shame on our nations for fearing the scammer, Vladimir Putin.

Hugh McDermott

Dromahair, Co Leitrim

Billionaires get drunk for money while their children are murdered

What Is it about a billionaire who rules a country the size of South America but feels the need to kill children to prove his bravery?

What does it say about the billionaires around him. Idle, bored, money drunk.

The birth of “billionaires” shortened the common responsibility of mankind.

Eugene Tannam

Dublin 24

Wrong to say Wallace and Daly ‘sympathize’ with Putin

I do not agree with Kim Bielenberg’s article about Clare Daly and Mick Wallace (Irish independenceMarch 5).

I think it’s a blessing for the Irish public to have some independent and fearless politicians among its representatives, and that the slander they received in the Bielenberg article – as “lionisers” (of Putin) and ” petty thieves” – is false. Trying to see and understand where – in a conflict, one side stands there for the long term – the other side comes from is far from taking sides and it is not necessary to smear Wallace/Daly’s views as “sympathy” for Putin.

Bielenberg asked us, are we taxpayers willing to pay any agent?. Who pays the pianist to call the tune? God forbid.

I had hoped that democracy and its media would retain the great value of freedom of opinion. Is our Western world on its way to the “Gleichschaltung” (Collins Dictionary: the practice of standardization and the elimination of all opposition, within the political, economic, and cultural institutions of a single state. country)?

Kristina Thurmair

Munich, Germany Selfless adventurers that many can learn from in 2022

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