Serena Williams and her husband welcome their new baby


Tennis legend Serena Williams has given birth to her second child with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“Welcome, my beautiful angel,” Williams wrote on TikTok on Tuesdaysharing a heartfelt video with baby Adira River Ohanian.

“I’m grateful to report that there is love in our home: a happy and healthy newborn girl and a happy and healthy mom,” said the father Tuesday in his own posts To social media. “Feeling gratitude.”

Ohanian further wrote that Williams, his wife since 2017, “has now given me another gift beyond compare — you are the GMOAT.” [greatest mother of all time].”

“I’ll never forget the moment I introduced @olympiaohanian to her little sister,” he added, referring to older son Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

In July, the tech entrepreneur told people that his 5-year-old girl was looking forward to the arrival of a sibling.

“No one is more excited than her,” he said at the time. “She wished for that. She’s been praying and asking for this for quite some time, so she’s very ready.”

Ohanian also said that he and his wife are “taking every precaution and doing everything we can to make sure everything goes smoothly for Serena.”

Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slam titles over the course of her tennis career, has previously spoken out about her traumatic and life-threatening birth experience with her firstborn. In a CNN opinion piece In 2018 she wrote that she had “a whole host of health complications that I luckily survived.”

“When I finally got to my family, I had to spend the first six weeks of my motherhood in bed,” she said, citing the pregnancy complications many black women face.

“Every mother everywhere, regardless of race or origin, deserves a healthy pregnancy and birth,” she added.

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