Serial Sperm Donor Reveals He Will Soon Have Fathered 59 Children, Says He’s Planning More

Kyle Gordy, 30, is helping families around the world struggling to get pregnant by giving away his sperm for free and says he keeps it healthy by eating fish, beans and vegetables

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The 47-year-old father reveals he is looking for a long-term partner

A “serial sperm donor” who offers his services for free says he is the biological father of 47 children and is expecting 12 more soon.

Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, wants to help families in trouble and is inundated on Instagram with messages from women hoping to have his child.

With the exception of Antarctica, he hopes to father children on every continent in the world.

Gordy says he will soon be a father to 59 children after helping 12 other families conceive, four of whom are based across the UK.

“I think that’s the best thing I’ve had all at once along the way, I’ve never seen that before,” Kyle said.

“I think because I was eating right this helped keep my sperm in tip top shape.

Kyle Gordy is the biological father of 47 children with 12 more on the way after donating his sperm for free


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

“I eat more protein, like fish and beans, and all organic vegetables.

“Most of the people I have helped are lesbians and some are single women.

“There really isn’t a number on how many children I want to have, so I don’t set a goal – each child is a special gift to everyone I help.

“As long as women want my help, I will be there to provide for them.”

Next on Kyle’s list is New Zealand – with the prolific donor claiming there is a three-year sperm bank waiting list in the country.

That’s why he’s flying around the world for the first time to offer his “liquid gold” and says he already has 50 prospects.

He said: “I’m still speaking to people but at the moment there are over 50 who have expressed an interest in needing my help.

“I’m waiting to see who would be a good match with things like their schedules and their health – so we’ll see who I get in touch with the most and who I can help.

Angela Turrey, who was joined by Kyle, pictured with her wife and son Avery


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

“While very interested, I’m still open to speaking to more women about helping them in New Zealand.

“Realistically I can only help about five women across New Zealand as I will also be sightseeing and will be paying for the trip out of my own pocket – which will cost me around $3,000.

“Although one couple offered to take over a hotel room for insemination for a day.

“First I go to Auckland because there are quite a lot of people there and then I go to Hamilton.

“I had [a couple] who have been emailing for some time originally trying to conceive with her brother-in-law’s sperm but he was infertile.

“They will pick me up for a donation and after that I will visit Christchurch.

“I’m open to traveling elsewhere and I’ve spoken to a few people in remote areas who are interested. I’m also open to extending my trip for another two weeks.

“The cost of using a sperm bank and clinic in New Zealand can be over $4,000 per cycle, but with me you don’t have to pay a penny, which helps mothers have more money for their future child.

“In New Zealand it is illegal to pay sperm donors to the sperm banks, so there is a three-year waiting list, while in America donors are allowed to be paid to the sperm banks – they can sometimes be paid up to $300 per deposit.

“Because sperm bank payments are allowed in America, it’s not uncommon for bank donors to have over 100 children and in some cases donate for up to eight years.

Angela Turrey at 34 weeks pregnant


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

“Also, because sperm banks are highly unregulated in America, many donors donate to multiple sperm banks, with one instance where a donor donated to 17 different sperm banks.

“As [the documentary] Our dad, he had 90 kids and was a fertility doctor who got his own patients pregnant with his own sperm without getting their consent so you really don’t know what you’re getting in sperm banks.

“At least with me you know exactly what you’re getting because I’m open.

“I would be willing to fly again in the future if any of the mothers I help want to have siblings.”

Kyle says he keeps his sperm in top condition by eating right


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

Over the years, he has received controversial comments from medical professionals who believe his methods are not “medically sound.”

While there are rules at sperm banks, he makes sure he tests himself regularly for STDs and claims he does more than banks ask for it – even testing at home in front of women before insemination if they so choose .

Kyle said: “I’ve also analyzed genetic tests and my sperm (3.5 times the average number) as well as references from previous mothers I’ve helped.

“You don’t know how your children will turn out [at a sperm bank] and in my case you know what to expect as I have a number of healthy children.

“Plus, women actually get to know me, rather than just being a number on a bottle – that’s more than any bank could ever offer.

Kyle’s donations have taken him all over the world


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

His next destination is New Zealand where he will donate sperm and travel around


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

“We have a group chat with all the mothers on WhatsApp sharing pictures and commenting on each other’s children so there is no risk of incest.

“It’s part of my effort to proactively counteract any future issues by giving moms a connection, and most of that is based on trust.

“At banks, they usually don’t bother to connect the mothers, which drastically increases the risk of incest.

“The lack of that connection has put many women I’ve helped from ever considering banking.

One of Kyle Gordy’s sperm samples


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

Kyle visits Washington DC on a trip to donate sperm


Jam Press/@kylegordy1234)

Kyle will fly into the country on July 27th and will stay until August 21st before departing for his next destination.

He previously shared his dating difficulties due to his controversial career – but says he would consider quitting if the right woman came along.

Kyle added, “I would consider quitting for the right person, but I’d rather find someone who accepts me for who I am.

“But if I really like her and we’re compatible, I’d probably give it up.”

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