Seth Meyers mocks Fox News’ Sean Hannity with crucial context


Seth Meyers reminded viewers Monday that Fox News personality Sean Hannity is not only a media ally of former President Donald Trump, but actually one of his “best friends.”

“Hannity isn’t just a pundit interviewing Trump,” Meyers noted. “He has appeared on stage with Trump at rallies, and during Trump’s presidency the two reportedly spoke almost every night before bed.”

It’s crucial context, Meyers said, when it comes to analyzing Hannity’s comments on his primetime show. Last week, for example, Hannity said “sources” had told him that Trump might be poised to replace ousted Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as the next House speaker.

“So the source was Trump,” Meyers said, claiming that “if Sean Hannity puts something like that on TV,” it’s either something Trump told him or something he wants to hear.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump voice-to-texted the Fox News chyrons live in real time,” he said, before impersonating Trump and doing just that, and it went comically wrong.

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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