Seth Rogen reveals how he would tweak Donkey Kong’s appearance in future Mario movies


Rogen, who voiced the legendary video game gorilla in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, revealed in a bonus feature at the film’s home release that Donkey Kong was a “funny character” in a “funny world” before he became his called fashion desire.

“I would love to see more adventures for Donkey Kong. Maybe give him some pants this time,” Rogen said.

“More than any other actor I’ve worked with, he thinks like a writer,” Fogel said of the Donkey Kong voice actor.

Rogen noted that he was given the freedom to shape the character according to his own ideas.

“They generally told me that Donkey Kong was angry and screamed a lot, so they mainly instructed me to be angrier and scream more,” Rogen said of his character’s direction.

“I really support the WGA and our writers. When negotiations are complete and the writers feel comfortable moving forward, it’s time to start talking about what’s next,” Pratt said of a potential Mario sequel.

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