Seven changes you can make to save £1,350 a year on your car costs

DRIVERS always have to worry about what will make their car tick on the road, but sometimes that comes at a heavy cost.

You have to consider filling up on gas, making sure the car has enough road capacity, and that it’s protected against accidents and more, all before setting off on the driveway.

Simple things like buying fuel or having your car checked regularly can keep costs down


Simple things like buying fuel or having your car checked regularly can keep costs downCredit: AP

Motorists spend up to £3,406.80 on their car each year according to Nerd Wallet.

But the experts at the auto dealer group Peter Vardy came up with seven changes you can make to save the most £1,347.24 a year for all expenses incurred.

Some costs you can’t avoid, like taxes and fees you pay every year or six months, but there are ways to make it a little cheaper.

Some things, such as fuel prices, just need to shop around a bit to reduce it.

It comes as many Britons grapple with widespread cost increases coupled with the rising cost of living.

So here are seven changes you can make to save on your car costs:

Add someone else to your insurance – save £426

If you are new to driving, insurance premiums can be high.

Especially, if you’re a young driver, naming your parents on your insurance policy can reduce your annual insurance hundreds.

Uswitch found you could save an average of £426 by adding parents to your policy, if you still live at home.

Pay annual tax – save £29

According to the car experts at Peter Vardy, paying your road tax annually instead of monthly saves you up to £29 a year.

It may be easier to spread the cost of the road tax because you can choose to pay the bills every month, but in the long run the cost will be higher.

If you can pay up front it will be cheaper in total and a one-time payment can save you up to almost £30 on average.

No premium fuel – save £179.14

Refuel your car is necessary but it can cost more than it should if you’re not looking for the right savings.

So if you have the choice, don’t use premium fuel for a standard car.

It can save you up to £179.14 per year.

Retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages, and can even protect your engine.

But really, unless you’re driving a performance car, you won’t see much improvement.

On average, you have to spend an extra 10p per liter.

Shop at the supermarket – save £74.10

Not only do you have to worry about what you’re putting in the gas tank, but also where you do it.

Refueling at a supermarket garage can be cheaper than going to a branded garage.

According to Peter Vardy, doing the swap could save you £74.10 a year.

But in the past, supermarkets have been closed for price hikes when drivers are most dependent on fuel.

If nothing else, it will also help you reduce fuel costs if you tie up your fuel station with a grocery store, since you will complete two trips in one.

You pay when you use a site like to compare prices before you fill out.

Use a cashback credit card on gas – save £65

Buy gas or diesel with a cashback credit card that gives you up to 5% cashback on every gas refill.

The AMEX Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card has no annual fee and you can get 5% cashback for the first three months.

Of course, you should shop around for other deals because there’s a lot out there.

However, with the Amex deal, if you refill your car every two weeks for £50 at a time, you’ll get £65 back over the period of the whole year.

Just remember, you need to pay off your credit card in full each month – otherwise interest could cancel out any cashback bonuses.

You also need to find out if any charges from other providers cancel the cashback bonus – otherwise you won’t save money and may even go over budget.

Check your own car – save £574

Performing your own regular auto maintenance checks will mean you can avoid a big buck at the garage should something serious go wrong.

You should be able to spot standard wear and tear and fix it before it becomes a problem.

That way, you can avoid paying the average annual repair cost of £574 can reach all your money at once with unexpected upfront cost.

Crash insurance, accident insurance and your new car

There’s really no harm in haggling over anything, and you can try it out on your claim with the experts at Peter Vardy.

Things like breakdown insurance and especially the price you pay for a new car in the first place are all negotiable.

A forum about Martin Lewis’ Money saver revealed £100 savings from the RAC by also haggling over cover renewals.

According to Money Saver, drivers who haggle for cover with AA, Admiral and RAC all have an 80% success rate in reducing their premiums.

Martin Lewis reveals simple ways to save money on gas and diesel Seven changes you can make to save £1,350 a year on your car costs

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