Seven Common Car Problems That WILL NOT Fail Your MOT

WHEN it’s time for an MOT, drivers often fear a breakdown after being plagued by common car problems.

But while an engine can’t pass its check-up for even minor problems, there are seven indiscretions you can get away with.

There are seven common car problems that won't let your MOT guide you through


There are seven common car problems that won’t let your MOT guide you throughPhoto credit: Getty

An MOT is an annual inspection to ensure your vehicles, including motorcycles, meet regulatory safety standards.

Minister of transport Grant Shapps recently unveiled plans to extend the exams to every two years to lower the cost of living.

This would mean motorists could save up to £55 each year by extending the validity of MOT certificates.

Mechanics must abide by the rules and can fail your vehicle if the vehicle does so not in perfect condition.

But the RAC has compiled a handy list to reassure Brits and uncover the common car troubles you can still scrape a pass with.

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Worn brake pads

brake pad set are a crucial part of any car as they stand between you and a potential collision – but they wear out over time.

If the pad starts to break down, it will inevitably affect your braking performance, which can be extremely dangerous.

The average lifespan of a brake pad is between 25,000 – 60,000 miles – but unless that brake pad set worn below the acceptable minimum of 1.5mm, you really won’t get an error.

As long as they haven’t fallen below the thresholddrivers are more likely to leave with a warning message.

The majority of mechanics recommend replacing the pads when the friction material has worn down to a thickness of 3mm, just to be on the safe side.

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Loud gearbox

If you hear a Rumble in the jungle from your carit’s easy to think the worst and assume it won’t pass its MOT.

However, the complex test does not examine the condition of your transmission, your clutch or engine – apart from the emissions they emit.

That means Brits dealing with noisy gearbox can still hold their own MOT – but need to go to a mechanic to fix the source of the noise.

Cars should run smoothly with no rumble, so it could be a sign that there’s a bigger problem at play.

hole in the exhaust

A hole in your car’s exhaust can sound like a death sentence, but as long as it passes a series of tests, you can still drive it away.

If the system is punctured, the fumes can enter the interior of your vehicle.

In the case of a larger leak or if a part of the catalytic converter or the diesel particulate filter is missing, it does not pass the TÜV.

However, minor leaks or corrosion are only pointed out as a future problem and could survive his check-up.

It is important to note that if there is a hole in the exhaust you must assume that a new one will need to be fitted soon.

coolant leak

Staying on the subject of leaks, if your coolant leaks it can cause major problems for your engine.

The liquid is responsible for your car’s cooling system, which regulates temperature, and without it it can become damaged and fail.

But it turns out that a coolant or windshield washer leak doesn’t penalize you for the problems in your MOT.

According to DVSA guidelines, it is only a reason for failure if a puddle with a diameter of more than 75 mm forms on the floor within five minutes as a result of the liquid escaping.

Another reason for failure is when there are multiple leaks that combine to eject liquid at the same rate.

Chipped body

Most people are very keen on keeping their car in top-notch cosmetic condition, but your bodywork can often be damaged.

Mechanics check the vehicle’s exterior during an MOT, but they don’t penalize drivers for minor dents and dents.

The bodywork can only become a problem if there is excessive corrosion, sharp edges or damage in certain areas of the vehicle.

So as long as your car is fully functional despite its flaws, you should drive well.

A dent in your wing mirror or bumper will not result in a failure unless the defects are determined to be dangerous.

Cracked windshield

A crack in your windshield can be a rather annoying and expensive inconvenience for motorists, but you can still scrape through your MOT with a little damage.

Chips or cracks that are less than 10mm in the driver’s field of vision will be missed during your annual car check.

And any other defect on your windscreen that can be cleaned by the wipers is fine if it’s less than 40mm.

Brits should still get theirs Chips fixed sooner rather than later as they can grow into one big crack.

Constant changes in the temperature of the glass can cause distortion, while bumps or potholes in the road can create small bumps at any time.

Worn tires

It is important for drivers to keep a close eye on the condition of their tires so that they can keep the road holding stable.

By law, cars, light trucks and trailers must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread across the center three-quarters of the tire and around the entire circumference.

Worn or under-inflated tires reduce a vehicle’s grip and also impair handling.

But as long as they’re above the legal limit, your vehicle can pass MOT – even if the wheels are pretty worn.

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If you notice your tire is getting too bare, mechanics advise getting it replaced as soon as possible.

Ideally, they should be replaced at 3mm, as a tire’s braking performance falls well below this value. Seven Common Car Problems That WILL NOT Fail Your MOT

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