Seven of the best hair removal tools to use at home, according to beauty experts

Maybe you want to keep your beard under control or prefer smooth, hair-free skin in the warmer months, but with summer coming and inflation tweaking our wallets, choosing the wrong tools can irritate your skin and make your wallet suffer.

Here we round up the expert picks for the best hair removal products for women and men.

1. JML Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane, €16.99 reduced from €24.99,

To get rid of peach fluff or other unwanted facial hair, beauty therapist and entrepreneur Pamela Laird recommends this dermaplaning scrub, which she’s been using for a year.

“It’s really affordable, feels good in your hand and has a little light attached to it, which I thought was brilliant because you usually do it in a less well-lit area. I would recommend this for peach fuzz, upper lip, or anything on the face,” she says.


JML Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane, €16.99 reduced from €24.99,

Home tools are generally safe, but she warns against replacing the blades once they lose their sharpness, as doing so can be painful and dull, rather than removing the hair, leaving you with stubble rather than smooth finish .

The JML tool has six blades with guards on each end and comes with a set of spare heads.

“It’s fantastic because it means you have spare heads when they get dull. I think people tend to keep these razors a bit too long and they don’t get the effect, and they also cause friction on the skin because the blade has to be pretty sharp,” she says.

2. GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, $169.99, boots

Men’s grooming expert Rob Kenny highlights this razor as his top choice for a clean shave, noting that it’s particularly good for sensitive skin.

“My skin reacts so badly when I shave clean – I get a really bad rash and it’s sore and irritated and I realize it looks awful. This razor is expensive but it’s really good quality, everything’s nice and heavy and it really works, especially if you’re sensitive like me,” he says.


GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, $169.99, boots

The shaver has two temperature settings, 43°C or 50°C – Rob’s preference – and comes with a set of spare blades. It’s fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower or stand on its magnetic charging dock. “It’s like shaving with a hot towel from the comfort of your own home,” he says. “And it looks very stylish and cool as it says in the charger.”

3. Remington Barba Beard Trimmer, $17.55, Amazon

If you have a beard or want to trim longer stubble, Rob recommends this trimmer, which comes in nine different length options.

“This is the beard trimmer I like the best. It’s so easy and so cheap – I’ve had ones that cost up to €500 and I keep going back to these. I also converted my partner to this. He had a more expensive one, but he also moved here,” he says.


Remington Barba Beard Trimmer, $17.55, Amazon

“I have horrible ingrown hairs around my beard and I know a lot of men do this, but I’ve found that when I use this beard trimmer I don’t get any ingrown hairs and it gives a really good trim.”

4. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, $27.49, Boots

While facial razors can be handy for chin or upper lip hair, experts caution against using them around the eyebrows.

“It’s easy to slip and we don’t want any slips or mistakes around the eye. Try using a specific brow tool like tweezers for a more targeted area, just to be careful,” says Pamela.


Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, $27.49, Boots

“A good tip when doing your brows is to fill them in to the shape you want before plucking, so you really know what each hair is doing for your shape, and plucking at the edges.”

The Tweezerman isn’t the cheapest option, but Pamela says it’s far superior to any standard tweezers. “You have her forever. I still have mine after 10 years.”

Suzanne Masterson, owner of beauty salon Freya in Naas, also advocates tweezers as the safest method for chin hair removal.

“For facial hair, I actually think the tweezers are best for people at home,” she says. “I have a hairy chin myself and I’ve tried most of the solutions and products and the Tweezerman is the best because it has a nice sharp edge and you get the finest hair while I find some of them to be quite blunt .”

5. Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Two of our experts recommended this razor as their favorite for shaving thanks to its gel pieces that release a moisturizing foam when wet for a smoother glide.

“For home use, razors are the easiest,” says Suzanne. “People often come away from shaving with cuts, abrasions and scars on their knuckles, so I find people need to use a three-blade razor. The Venus is really good because it has that cushioning [the blade] that cares for the skin afterwards.”


Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Amanda Griffin, owner of Uptown Girl salon in Galway City, is also a fan. “I find the Gillette Venus Breeze doesn’t irritate the skin like a typical razor would. It’s got a conditioning gel so it won’t irritate, scratch or cut when wet,” she says of the blade, which also features a pivoting design.

“When you move around the ankle or the knee or the bonier parts of the body, it moves with the curve of the body. I find I’ve never had a razor blade when I’ve shaved with it.”

6. Veet Pure depilatory cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

Dublin-based beauty therapist Angela Mongan prefers a depilatory cream for at-home hair removal.

“It’s very easy to use, with minimal effort, minimal smell, and zero pain,” she says of the Veet cream, which comes in a pump bottle that can be kept in the shower and takes five to 10 minutes to take effect to unfold.


Veet Pure depilatory cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

“The cream is smooth to apply and leaves skin soft. It can remove hair from almost any part of the body, and although the hair grows back faster than after shaving, it’s not as coarse.”

7. Strip Wax Kit, €13.99,

Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien, co-founders of Irish brand Waxperts, launched this range of at-home waxing products during lockdown and our experts praised their professional quality.

“During lockdown I bought a packet of wax strips and there’s so much in there: your long, signature leg wax strips, then you have the tiny little ones for the toes and foot. The product residue doesn’t stay on the skin, there’s no stickiness — they’re foolproof,” says Amanda of the kit, which includes 20 large and 20 small strips, plus wipes for before and after use.


Strip Wax Kit from

“The strip wax is just amazing. They’re so convenient and so affordable, cheaper than half a leg at a salon but then you have more to stock up on when you’re away for the summer.”

Pamela notes that the hot wax kit (€21.99) is better for the armpits, while the strips are ideal for the legs.

“I prefer to use hot wax under my arms or other sensitive areas, but for my whole leg I would use strip wax because it’s a much more seamless method — you could be there all day with a hot wax kit,” says you.

“You only have to do it every four to six weeks, depending on your hair growth. And it’s very, very user-friendly – they have the strips that you heat and peel off in your hands, so it’s very easy to use at home.” Seven of the best hair removal tools to use at home, according to beauty experts

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