Shakira recalls first finding out about her ex Girard Piqués’ cheating while her father was in the hospital

Shakira vividly recalls first learning of the alleged infidelity of Gerard Piqué, the father of her children Sasha and Milan.

The Colombian singer announced on Monday that she was still suffering from the breakup as her father, William Mebarak Chadid, was hospitalized after falling. Suddenly she was alone — and recalled thinking she would “not survive” the snowball mayhem.

“He went to Barcelona to comfort me after I was filled with grief over my breakup.” She told people. “During his first communion in Milan, he was badly injured in an accident. Everything happened at once. My home was falling apart.”

“I learned through the press that I had been cheated on while my father was in intensive care,” Shakira continued.

The Grammy winner recalled how desperate she was to speak to her father, “the man I have loved most in my life” and that his accident happened “when I needed him most” and that she only “wanted to go to my best friend”. the advice I needed.”

Her father has since recovered.

“He’s overcome COVID once, two accidents, one pneumonia and five surgeries — all in less than six months at the age of 91,” Shakira told People. “My father is the best example of resilience and my mother was by his side day and night.”

Shakira described her father as her
Shakira described her father as her “best friend” and a show of “patience in relationships.”

Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Of course, this encouraging relationship was hard to compare to her own, as she and Piqué announced their split in a statement last June, before he officially took to Instagram with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Martí. Shakira has since released several breakup songs.

“They were both a reflection of that dream that didn’t come true for me,” Shakira told People about her family-oriented parents. “But I hope that they will be role models for my children in terms of love, patience in relationships, total commitment and joy in life.”

Shakira split from the retired footballer who was instrumental in Spain’s victory at the 2010 FIFA World Cup after 11 years together. The singer recently quoted former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who slammed Piqué’s new lover.

She’s, of course, most interested in channeling her turbulent final years into more cathartic tracks than the few diss songs that were essentially last year’s breakup records – and told People that she’s “very excited” to publish them.

“I’ve experienced denial, anger, pain, acceptance, sadness, hope, deception, renewed hope and excitement,” she told the outlet. “So many emotions and feelings… that only through my songs could I unravel and understand myself better.”

She continued, “Not to explain or justify myself, just to understand and tolerate myself.”

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