Shaq confesses to on-air farting and the TNT crew can’t help but lose it


Shaquille O’Neal accused “some laxative lasagna of some sort” for a fart in a lighthearted moment during a TNT halftime show on Wednesday (you can watch Shaq describe his on-air fight below.

“My boy Slice got me a laxative lasagna,” Shaq joked.

“Are you kidding me?” Barkley asked.

“Why don’t you just start a little fire over there?” said Smith.

“That’s the last thing you want to do,” Johnson added.

Shaq, who remarked that it was “too late” to go to the bathroom, later joked that his favorite cartoon character was “Fart Simpson” and he said he was rocking a “doo doo brown” colored suit.

Johnson attempted to push the show through following the comments, but NBA analysts struggled to move beyond Shaq, who cuts the cheese.

“Who in America would ever sit on TV and let everyone know they got gas but him?” asked Smith.

“I wasn’t on the gas, I was farting,” O’Neal explained.

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