Shocking moment motorbike crashed into car as driver gave way to women walking across road

This is the shocking moment a motorcycle collided with a car as its driver gave way to two women crossing the street.

Simon Radford, 38, captured the freak crash on his dashcam while queuing for a car wash in Lee-on-The-Solent, Portsmouth on Sunday.

A motorist allowed two women to cross the street while trying to make a right turn


A motorist allowed two women to cross the street while trying to make a right turnPhoto credit: Simon Radford
But he didn't see a motorcycle coming and crashed into it


But he didn’t see a motorcycle coming and crashed into itPhoto credit: Simon Radford
Dashcam footage captured the crash


Dashcam footage captured the crashPhoto credit: Simon Radford

His footage shows the car stopping to let two women cross the street at the entrance to the Broom Way service station – before the almighty crash.

Simon told The Sun: “I had my car parked at the petrol station. I was just waiting for it to be washed.

“The motorbike was going back to town from the sea and the car stopped to get gas or whatever.

“It’s pretty clear on the video that he waited for people to cross the street and then just walked away without looking.

“At the same time, the motorcycle came down the street and was hit by the car.

“It didn’t look like the man was badly injured. He got up straight away and started talking, but his bike was a bit broken.

“The police arrived about 45 minutes later but I don’t think an ambulance was needed.”

The crash comes just a month after major changes were made to the Highway Code.

One of the new rules states that if a pedestrian is waiting to cross at an intersection and a motorist is turning, they must give way to the pedestrian.

Rule H2 of the Highway Code states: “At an intersection, you should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into or from which you are turning.”

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This also applies when vehicles are stuck in traffic or moving slowly – they must allow pedestrians to cross the road and Rule 151 has been revised to reflect this.

This means that the driver of the car did the right thing by letting the two women cross the street in front of him.

However, he made a mistake when he drove on without giving the right of way to the motorcycle.


The Road Traffic Act states that motorists “must be particularly careful at intersections”.

It continues: “You should be aware of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, including power chair/mobility scooter users, as they are not always easy to see.

“Once they start cruising, they have priority, so back down.”

It adds, “Wait for a safe gap in traffic before driving.”

Simon says that because he saw the accident in person, he’s sure who’s at fault.

He said: “I think the bike was absolutely right. The car just drove over him. It was 100 percent the car’s fault.

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen an accident, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve seen one so shocking. It was just madness.”

The Sun have reached out to Hampshire Police for comment.

What do the road traffic regulations say about turning right?

The Road Traffic Act with all the traffic rules you need to know can be found online. It says before turning right you should:

  • Use your mirrors to make sure you know the position and movement of traffic behind you
  • Turn right turn signal
  • Position yourself just left of center lane or in the space marked for right-turn traffic
  • If possible, leave space on the left for other vehicles
  • Wait until there is a safe distance between you and an oncoming vehicle
  • Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other road users
  • Check your mirrors and blind spot again to make sure you’re not being passed, then turn
  • Don’t cut the corner Shocking moment motorbike crashed into car as driver gave way to women walking across road

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