Shoppers spot grisly warning for painting listed on eBay – as one man claims it’s ‘cursed’

An unusual item on eBay can be very frustrating for shoppers as the listing for a painting claims the artwork is ‘cursed’ and comes with a macabre warning for those concerned sure to pay the price

A picture of the picture
Dan feels like the dolls are watching him

As an “exotic stuff collector”, Dan Smith* claims that he was struck by the oddity of a painting he discovered during a visit to his local flea market and always always knew he wanted to take it home.

Although the woman at the stall supposedly warned Dan not to buy the artwork, he decided not to listen. After rethinking, he considers his purchase to be the “ultimate bad decision” and claims it has devastated his life ever since.

The artwork in question shows two baby dolls sitting together on a green-blue background. One of them is a blonde baby doll in a pink dress, while the other is a Raggedy Ann toy with a red mane.

Determined to get rid of the painting once and for all, Dan is currently selling the painting on eBay with prices starting at $50.00 (£37).

However, ghostly product descriptions can make buyers feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Dan considers his purchase to be the “bad decision in the end”



He is currently trying to sell the painting on eBay



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Dan claims that the photo initially made him think of “rebirth” but later changed his mind and felt the photo “represents only the end of things”.

Since purchasing the artwork, he is said to have experienced a downward spiral that ‘destroyed’ his health, sleep and beloved hamster.

Product Description on Ebay It read: “CARE OF THE DOLL Classic Painting IS COVERED The Art of Scary Strange Warning 1967.

“The woman at the flea market warned me before buying this painting and I’ll warn you – nothing good can come of this painting. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just I think she’s one of those quirky dealers selling designer goods for cheap.

“As for the painting, it looks lovely, with two innocent-looking dolls depicted in it… but she was right – don’t be deceived.

“I don’t know whose cursed blood mixed into the paint to make this piece, but its power is strong.”

The painting is signed with the initials MNP 3-67



Dan was afraid that bringing the painting home would lead to his guinea pig’s death



He went on to claim that shortly after bringing the painting home, he was hit with a “horrific losing streak”, feeling chills, becoming unable to sleep and discovering a gruesome nest of insects. in its property.

Things seemed to take a turn for the worse for the eBay seller when he examined his hamster, and discovered it was dead – despite appearing in “perfect health” the day before.

For nearly a week, Dan claimed to have been “sick, lonely, sleep-deprived and restless”, plagued by the uncomfortable thought that the dolls in the painting were watching his every move.

With this in mind, Dan now hopes to sell the “cursed” painting, insisting that this is how he can get rid of it for good.

The cold eBay listing adds: “Something had to change, and since the only difference in my life since everything went dark around me is buying that painting, I feel see the only fix for all of this is to remove it yourself.

“But why pass it on and continue a legacy as terrible as you claim? Why not destroy it? You wonder? Sure, burning the picture can rid the world of evil far from the work, but it can also easily explode evil Who says that by burning it I won’t make things ten times worse? No, I don’t want to risk that , I’d rather sell it to some poor soul that doesn’t believe this story, or, even scarier, some brave soul.

“As for the details on the piece – it came with the frame, it was full of dust because I never cleaned it after hanging it.

“For that artist, it was signed with the initials MNP 3-67. Of course, it could also stand for something like ‘Many Nightmares & Phobias’, which is what the piece does. Art leads.

“I’m starting the auction at $50, that’s what I paid for it but I expect it to be a lot more to make up for all I’ve been through. But before you do. bid…you have been warned!

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