Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumors: Bloober Team CEO Refuses To Comment But Says New Project “Will Still Be A Bloober Team Title”

Following rumors that horror game developer Bloober Team is rebooting the legendary Silent Hill 2, CEO Piotr Babieno said he couldn’t comment but hoped to make an announcement about the company’s future projects “as soon as possible”. He added that his unannounced project “will still be a Bloober team title,” even if it’s done in partnership with another company. Babieno also stated that future bloober games will be bigger and more gameplay focused than in the past and will not be “walking sim” experiences.

Speaking to IGN at the Polish gaming conference Digital Dragons, Babieno responded to rumors (first reported by Influencer Nate the hate and later journalist jeff grub) about a Silent Hill 2 remake by saying:

“We cannot comment on anything we do because of course we value our relationship with our partners. So we can’t [say] anything. We will make an announcement about our future projects as soon as possible. So you’ll know a lot more then.” Giggling, he added, “Officially.”

The Bloober team partnered with Konami – owners of the Silent Hill series – last year. Since then, multiple reports have linked the developer (who created horror games Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and The Medium) to a Silent Hill project. It even had to deny that some of its unused game concepts were planned Silent Hill titles. Bloober previously confirmed that it is working on two titles at the same time, one with Konami while another to be released by Private Division is a new IP. Babieno tells me that a third title is in pre-production.

Later in the interview, I asked Babieno about the company’s experience working with a licensee on the Blair Witch case, and the CEO briefly referenced one of Bloober’s upcoming projects and made it clear that his company’s approach is to make its games its own to develop their own conditions. even if it’s in someone else’s franchise.

“I would say it’s hard to work with someone who [owns an IP you’re working on]but we always talk to these licensors, [saying] “Guys, we’d love to use your license, but we’d love to tell our own story.” If we’re not able to tell our own story, if we don’t have creative freedom, then it doesn’t make sense because Bloober Team doesn’t will make a great game,” said Babieno. “If you’re in a prison, you won’t be able to fly. That’s why we’re just trying [make] those titles where we’re like, ‘okay, it’s going to be a bloober team game, not just anyone [else’s].’ So we can’t talk about the project either [about]it will still be a Bloober team title.”

Babieno didn’t make it clear that this was a reference to the Konami title, but it seems likely that Bloober’s Private Division game is a new IP. If that’s the case and Bloober is working on Silent Hill, then Babieno’s words could be taken to mean that the company is applying its own ideas to Silent Hill 2, or that his Silent Hill game is actually an entirely new story in the series. The CEO made no further comments on these lines.

Speaking more broadly about the future of Bloober Team, Babieno said the company aims to change the type of games it makes while sticking to the dark, psychologically-focused themes it specializes in.

“There are a lot of people on our team who would like to make bigger games with more gameplay and some gameplay mechanics [we haven’t used before] because most of our past titles have been experiential, right? It was more about the mood, the story, not necessarily the gameplay. […] We want to make games that tell our stories based on game mechanics. So you can expect that each of our future titles will have a lot of game mechanics. Those titles will be bigger.”

He added that Bloober’s games would continue to move away from the “walking simulator” approach of his early hits like Layers of Fear.

“It’s not a huge leap, it’s more of an evolution, but right now we’re well primed to make games that resemble Hellblade, to name a few [one example]. But I would say we will still have our DNA – these games will still be part of Bloober Team’s legacy, and they will be bigger. We will tell stories [through gameplay], It won’t be about walking sim experiences in the future, but it will still be about the theme, those feelings that we would have [we would like our fans to feel]they will stay,” Babieno said.

Aside from the rumors of a Silent Hill 2 remake, images of a supposedly brand new Silent Hill were revealed last week – and quickly deleted after a copyright claim. The deletion seems to lend credence to its authenticity, although Konami hasn’t commented on it.

Silent Hill 2 remains one of the most popular games of all time. We called the PS2 psychological horror one of the best games of all time, calling it “an exploration of the depths of human depravity and the impact it has on the people and places around us that few video games capture with such disturbing grace and… Grace have mastered maturity.”

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