Simple sanitizer hack to keep your trash cans smelling fresh

Garbage will never smell good, of course, but nobody wants their kitchen bins to stink in their home. Here’s an easy and cheap trick to stop your trash cans from smelling bad

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Bad odors from your trash can can also linger after trash disposal

With the amount of cooking scraps and old food being thrown into kitchen bins, it’s really no surprise when bad odors build up inside and around them.

Often these smells can linger in the room even after you’ve cleaned out your trash. Aside from being just plain unpleasant, the foul smells around your trash can can also attract pests into your kitchen – which nobody wants!

However, there is a simple £1 trick that can help keep your kitchen bins smelling fresh and shared Facebook by a cleaning enthusiast and fan of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

Here’s how you can prevent bad odors from building up in your trash cans using only one essential, cheap product.

How to prevent your kitchen waste from smelling bad

Using Zoflora on your trash cans will eliminate both odors and bacteria from them



The bad odors in kitchen trash cans are usually the rest of the bacteria that have accumulated in the trash bag. For that reason, this cleaning fanatic’s trick of using Zoflora sanitizer makes perfect sense.

Put a little Zoflora on a piece of kitchen roll and toss it at the bottom of the trash can In front Putting the bin liner in is the trick to keeping it clean and smelling fresh, according to cleaning enthusiast Nicola Clare.

Many other commenters in the Facebook group agreed that Nicole’s trick works wonders for getting rid of unwanted garbage smells.

Another trick is to spray Zoflora directly onto the garbage bag instead of spraying a kitchen towel on the bottom of the bin. Either way, the cleaning product will keep your bins smelling nice.

It’s no surprise that Zoflora is perfect for preventing bad smells, as the disinfectant is known to kill almost 100% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and eliminate bad smells.

Zoflora is available in any local supermarket for just £1, although it’s 40p more at Sainsbury’s.

What other ways are there to eliminate odors in trash cans?

Clean your trash cans with a mixture of baking soda and hot water to keep bad odors at bay


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Another cleaning fan suggested a trick that uses a more natural and readily available kitchen ingredient to keep bad odors out of your trash cans.

All you need is a container of baking soda, which is known to be a great cleaning agent. What you need to do is clean your trash cans often with a spoonful of baking soda mixed with hot water.

The baking soda is able to “suck up nasty trash juices and odors” to keep your trash cans smelling fresh.

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