Simple trick to bring back tender Ricotta lemon pancakes

In my Northeast life, pancakes are for cold winter mornings, snow covered in pine trees outside, windows foggy with coffee vapor. Heat up the grills, they are warming up against the cold. During the same season in Los Angeles, my hometown, the sky isn’t typically clear, so the sun feels close and soft. Eating a pile of pancakes outside under that bright light was as magical as the scent of orange blossom in the air.

Regardless of the setting, pancakes taste comforting – especially if they’re well made. Many different types of breakfast pancakes, but one thing they should always be gentle. The simplest way to ensure that? Ricotta.

While adding ricotta to pancake batter isn’t a new concept – it’s a beloved one by far – it usually comes with folding egg whites that have been beaten to firmness. You can skip that complication and instead just crack the whole egg and use baking powder in the dough. With that combination, you won’t get souffléd pancakes comes from whipped egg whites, but you’ll end up with a fluffy and creamy feel. And keep the flour ratio low and stir gently until the dough is just combined, avoiding a chewy, rubbery texture.

To achieve airiness while developing a golden brown crust, it is important to start with a grill or pan that has the right temperature. Cool too much and the dough will flake off before it comes to the surface. Too hot and the outside will burn before the inside is cooked. They will lose heat and become inedible because of the coarse centers.

Start heating the griddle or pan over medium-low as you begin to mix the dough, and it will evenly heat to the correct temperature when you’re ready to cook. To see if the surface is ready, sprinkle some water on the surface: The drops will jump steadily. After they have evaporated, spread a thick layer of butter all over the flat surface and use a spatula to mix the dough in its foam.

When the balls turn golden brown at the bottom and bubble at the top, it’s important to flip them as gently as possible to avoid bursting those air bubbles. Slide the spatula under a pancake and lift it just high enough to place one opposite edge down, then gently pull the rest of the pancake away from the spoon.

Texture is key to a good pancake, but taste is just as important. Lemon pairs well with ricotta, so to bring out the fruit’s floral aromas, lemon zest is lightly rubbed in sugar, then pureed with aromatic vanilla. The butter accentuates the milky consistency of the ricotta, and the buttermilk creates a nutty flavour.

All together, the ingredients bake into a breakfast with enough creamy sweetness to eat on its own. The gloss of blueberry syrup Welcome, but these delicate pancakes are probably most comfortable when eaten hot, by hand, standing by the stove, anywhere in the world. Simple trick to bring back tender Ricotta lemon pancakes

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