Sleep experts share simple 4-7-8 breathing techniques to help you fall asleep quickly

Difficulty falling asleep? A sleep expert has shared a simple breathing technique, called 4-7-8, that can help you fall asleep faster.

The woman tossing and turning, having trouble sleeping
Difficulty sleeping? This technique can help

Difficulty sleeping at night? When many of us rest our heads on pillows, we are flooded with different thoughts.

Others may have a sleep partner by their side, or perhaps inclement weather and storms have kept you sane.

Either way, lying there and thinking about how many hours you have until you have to sober up isn’t going to help.

Luckily, Ryan Thaker, sleep expert at MattressNextDay shared top tips for falling asleep if you’re struggling with insomnia.

If you can not sleepThe worst thing you can do is look at the clock.

Try not to obsess over how much time you have left until you need to wake up, try this simple technique instead that can help you fall asleep quickly.

How to fall asleep fast

Trouble sleeping during the storm? You’re not alone


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A simple breathing exercise called the 4-7-8 method is recommended to fall asleep quickly.

This is a deep breathing exercise that is a tried and tested “way to calm the mind for a good night’s sleep”.

Ryan recommends this method because it “releases endorphins into the body, creating a calming effect”.

Here’s how you do the 4-7-8 technique:

1. Take a few natural breaths and close your eyes

2. Hold your lips tight and inhale through your nose

3. As you exhale, make the sound of the letter M. Keep humming until you feel the need to inhale again.

4. Repeat by inhaling through your nose and humming as you exhale

What else can you do to help you sleep?

There are several things that can be helpful



With serious weather warning in place, Ryan understands that storms outside can keep us awake. He recommends reducing clutter in your bedroom as a way to help relieve stress.

He added: “Research shows that a cluttered bedroom can exacerbate your anxiety levels, which can keep you up at night.

“Furthermore, the declaration can make you concerned about the storm because it will start in the afternoon (around 3pm).”

You should also protect your home to reduce anxiety before going to bed.

He continued: “This includes keeping your car parked in your garage or at least away from any trees that might fall.

“You should also put away any furniture in the yard, and make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked during the expected time of the weather warning.”

Switching to new bedding can help you feel more comfortable. Ryan adds: “It’s also a good idea to apply some water-based fabric softener to your sheets, as not only will this help get rid of any wrinkles, but the scent can provide sedative properties that help. you go faster”

Making sure you feel safe is crucial to sleep time, so Ryan recommends considering having pillows around you.

Difficulty sleeping? Try some of these sleep expert tips


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Other tips include applying some lavender oil to your bed or on a pillowcase because the scent has “sedating properties.

Ryan added: “Further studies have shown that lavender can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety as effectively as a low-dose sedative, Lorazepam.”

You should also consider setting your bedroom to a phone-free zone and turning it off at least three hours before bed.

The blue light emitted by the screen tells your brain that it is daytime even though it is night.

You can also use earplugs to block out any ambient noise, or noise-cancelling headphones.

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