So many reasons why sanctions won’t hurt Russia

Aside from some well-thought-out analysis by the writers of the always balanced Irish Independent and Examiner, the majority of commentators in all media sing like hymns from the same hymn sheet.

In my opinion, there are several reasons why sanctions are not working for Russia:

First, Vladimir Putin, not a madman, has demonstrated a calculated and pragmatic approach that has kept him in power for the past 22 years..

This is in contrast to Western democracies that change their leaders every four or five years, leading to constant changes in direction and often complete reversals of the policies of previous governments. The US and UK are two recent classic examples of this weakness.

Second, shortly after succeeding Boris Yeltsin in 2000, Putin took control of Russia’s most powerful oligarchs, such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and returned their ill-gotten gains to the Russian treasury.

He now knows that the current crop of oligarchs living abroad – whose properties in London, France and elsewhere are being punished by the West – will be forced back into their orbit and under his control, when they might be tempted to abandon Russia. and moved to Europe.

Third, Russia will become richer rather than poorer as gas and oil prices have skyrocketed, and Britain controls one of the world’s largest reserves.

Fourth, Russia is the world’s largest producer of grain and other food products, so the Russians will not be short of food as the Germans and Japanese did during World War II. They can hold out for decades, if necessary. In fact, the price of wheat in Western Europe has doubled.

According to Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio 1, there is widespread talk of autumn grain shortages in Ireland.

Fifth, Russian scientists and universities are among the best in the world, both in terms of new technological innovation and in stealing Western, as well as Chinese, technology, so they will quickly copy what the West thinks they can take from them.

Finally, Russia signed agreements with China and India, the two most populous countries in the world, to send their essential exports eastward to the emerging new world hegemon in the Middle East. Eastern. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan will follow, along with rapidly growing Chinese customer nations in Africa.

Maurice O’Callaghan

Ballydehob, Co Cork

Spiritual leaders must speak out against Putin’s invasion

HithertoMore than 200 Russian Orthodox priests and deacons have signed a petition to end the war in Ukraine, while criticizing the peaceful suppression of anti-war protests.

However, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who has close ties to Vladimir Putin (whom he once hailed as a “miracle of God”) has yet to condemn the war, calling the Ukrainian resistance “the world”. evil force”.

Christian and non-Christian spiritual leaders have a moral responsibility to force the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church to condemn the actions of the Russian president and the military in Ukraine. They must support Russian Orthodox priests, deacons and congregations who are consciously opposed to war.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ireland should also speak out against the war.

Chris Fitzpatrick

Terenure East Road, Dublin 6

Paul Williams is right – our neutrality is a wreck

Paul Williams was reminded again of the farce we call neutrality (‘There’s no such thing as moral cowardice – our neutrality is a hot flash, we have to wake up’, Irish independenceMarch 7th).

Successive Irish governments have
failed to fund our army and navy, so we may have to rely on our neighbors to protect our airspace.

Mr. Williams’ taking our place in the “vanity chair of the UN Security Council with no teeth” says a lot about the thinking of our political elites.

Tom Mitchell

Loughrea, Co Galway

The ambassador should have been tasked with the claims

Good Tom Mc Grath said for explicitly questioning what the exact point was
is of the United Nations Security Council (‘The UN Security Council is repeating its past mistakes’,
LettersMarch 7th).

He might also ask why Foreign Minister Simon Coveney is sitting at the same table on behalf of Ireland.

The response of Mr. Coveney’s department to the Russian Ambassador’s unusual interview about disinformation in Russian state media has been highly haphazard.

So lame that Mr Coveney should resign.

Tom McElligott

Listowel, Co Kerry So many reasons why sanctions won’t hurt Russia

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