‘Society likes classic comparisons and contrasts between two women’ – Emily Retter

Emily Retter says Anne Robinson’s decision to step down could be partly because she doesn’t enjoy math with Rachel Riley – and also because she wants to enjoy her retirement

Rachel Riley, Anne Robinson, Susie Dent on Countdown
Rachel Riley, Anne Robinson, Susie Dent on Countdown

It is not a conundrum. The elderly woman leaves the show to enjoy her retirement, spend time with her nieces and tend her garden. Where is the person in there?

However, add a delicious squabble with a younger female co-host, and the subtraction forms a perfect equation.

This week, we learned Anne Robinson, 77, who hosted Countdown for a year, has decided to step down. Whisper, whisper at the end of the class: it’s because she doesn’t like math with Rachel Riley.

Obviously, the latter is a bit big. She chats on her cell phone too much. And sometimes she was late. Anne has to turn off the mic.

Allegedly, the relationship with Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent wasn’t good either, but hey, Rachel is a bit younger and a blonde, so that fight was a sensational fight.

Meanwhile, at the Met Gala Corner, Kim Kardashian is pitted against a dead woman.

Anne Robinson announces she will resign from Countdown


Channel number 4)

Now, choosing to wear an iconic dress last worn and hugely iconic by Marilyn Monroe, of course, offers comparisons. Comparison is what our leader Kardashian wants when she buys and wears Monroe’s Happy Birthday Mr President clothes. She is not sad.

And her comments about shedding 16lb to really fit it in using a ‘sauna suit’ twice a day would never win the Most Responsible Model of the Year award. That’s right, we all cross.

But the silly things about gentlemen still prefer blondes, and Kim becoming a cheap, trashy replacement for the idolized Marilyn – who was greatly looked down on in her own day. she – has developed a little significant benefit.

The truth is, life or death, young or old, society – man and woman, seems to love nothing better than a war, a feud, or essentially, an old-fashioned comparison and contrast. between two women.

If you’re watching Married At First Sight Australia right now (please, why wouldn’t you?) and have drifted aimlessly on a forgotten clique far enough for its 567 episodes (it feels like that? ), you’ll realize the star’s return isn’t a standout romance or some old-fashioned affair, but a particularly nasty squabble between two female contestants.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala



Not even more than one of the grooms.

I’m not immune, it grips me like there’s no marriage, failure or success.


The fact that we enjoy watching females fight, or, even if they don’t, and never can or can, put them in an imaginary ring and move their lips, arms, and legs. them as puppets that we can compare ourselves to, is an ugly aspect of error that we all seem to be harboring.

There is an element of spectacle here; women are the fairer, more passive, gentler sex people who aren’t allowed to fight, so when they do, or we say they’re there and drawing a story on the reels ice regardless of what sport it is.

Great theater, like the ancient gladiators in the arena or the roosters in the ring.

Everyone knows a determined, determined woman is ‘scary’ – watching two people go head to head, or imagining them, is quite thrilling.

It is also a useful tool in mitigation. Grow up one, to fight the other.

But basically, it’s a helpful reminder that there’s still not much room at the top for goofy women.

Likely, there is still only one seat at the table.

Subconsciously, men – we hope more and more enjoy watching women warm up, because in combat they won’t challenge male-dominated strengths too convincingly.

Women are so ingrained in their personalities that their only path to success is to overcome and overcome obstacles, to overcome obstacles – be it low-waisted dresses, or being resigned to letting the dress slip. wedding ring on a man’s fat finger has revealed he still lives with his mother – they like a nice old piece of sisterhood because it symbolizes the destruction of at least one of the contests .

Because when the period is uneven, and you struggle to get into the ring with your male partner, the outcome is lower than having to get rid of other women in your way.

Of course, the examples are small. Too cute on the TV set, dressed in shimmering clothes, dating show stars.

But there’s no denying our push from all? That one tiny aspect that makes us read twice, or forms a verdict?

It makes you toss more than Kim wriggles into that dress.

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