spider invasion? They’ve lived in our homes all along

As summer draws to a close, not only can we expect the nights to get darker faster and the leaves to change color, but the appearance of spiders in homes will also increase.

While the entomologist Dr. Archie Murchie of the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast gave some advice on how to stop arachnids from entering homes, he found that any spiders you see popping up have probably been living with you all along.

“The spiders you see at this time of year are already in your house, they’re not coming in from outside. They live under kitchen cupboards and in nooks and crannies,” he told the Belfast Telegraph. “Probably homeowners went about their daily business unnoticed.”

In September said Dr. Murchie, however: “These spiders start mating, so the males are looking for females, and as a result, you see them a lot more often when they get out of where they live.”

He added: “Spiders are predators, they feed on something and they’re a natural form of pest control. So actually having a few around will keep other unwanted insects away.”

The insect expert advised that using lemon peels and other items that emit citrus scents throughout the home could discourage eight-legged creatures from scurrying around in those areas.

Residents can also try making their own anti-spider spray using essential oils like peppermint or lavender scents.

“Citrus oils and citronella candles also keep mosquitoes and mosquitoes away,” continued Dr. Murchie gone.

“Most spiders have a pretty good sense of taste and smell, so they avoid anything that seems a little unusual. We’ve used things like garlic or peppermint oil in pest control, but sometimes you have to use quite a bit of it.”

Many creepy crawlies tend to like areas with lots of moisture, and since spiders feast on these other insects, preventing spiders from gaining a foothold reduces the chances of them appearing.

Therefore, it is also advisable to make sure that there are no damp areas in your home – especially in dark corners.

Caulking cracks and small gaps in windows and doors can also help mitigate the problem, but as mentioned earlier, many spiders may already have made their home in your home.

“We just leave them and live with them as best we can. My kids have names for it, there are some that live under the sofa and one in particular that lives in a corner in the kitchen,” said Dr. Murchie laughing.

He encouraged people to “leave spiders alone” if they can, as there aren’t any poisonous or dangerous ones in Northern Ireland, but otherwise he urged the public to remove them by placing a jar over the spider and a piece Slide cardboard or paper underneath to carry outside. “Preferably put them in an outhouse if you can, because once the weather turns cold they won’t survive very well in the middle of the garden,” he said.

“The spiders have adapted to living indoors, these species of spiders are found throughout Europe and their natural habitat would be caves and warm places.”

While some recent media reports have warned of false widow spiders “invading homes” during the heatwave, his colleague Adam Mantell, who works with the charity Ulster Wildlife Conservation, said it was merely “scaremongering” and that these spider bites were “no worse than a wasp sting.” “.

“Fear of spiders often comes from worries about being bitten, fueled by urban legends and exaggerated headlines,” he said.

“In reality, very few spiders here are even capable of biting a human, and the small number that rarely can. So the next time you spot a spider hiding in the corner of a room, wave at it and say keep up the good work!”

https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/spider-invasion-theyve-been-living-in-our-houses-all-along-41932875.html spider invasion? They’ve lived in our homes all along

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