Staff Retention Techniques to Improve Your Online Poker Business

A high turnover rate can be a good and bad thing. It often depends on the company and the type of job – and in the iGaming industry, a high voluntary turnover rate isn’t too bad.

But if you want to reduce turnover and keep employees in your company longer, here are some tactics to try. Business and staff management expert Kevin N. Cochran has created a list of strategies for online poker business owners. If you’re interested in reading her other works, you can check them out by visiting her page.

Staff Retention in the Online Poker Industry

You can have the best online casino business in your country or area – yet, without the right staff and motivators, success will remain at arm’s length. Here are a few things to consider for iGaming business owners that offer casino online games.

One of the most significant issues in online poker companies is trust. Many new employees don’t trust their supervisors or company as easily unless it’s a big-name casino. Some companies also don’t trust their employees as much as they should.

Employees on the customer service line also suffer a lot of stress from sudden screen freezes and hang-ups. The root of these problems goes back to the programmers or service providers. Yet, customer service teams often suffer stress caused by frustrated clients’ anger and irritation.

These are only a handful of factors that create high turnover rates in the online poker industry. If you’re looking for casino models with online slots free to emulate, consider checking out exploring the list with reviews. It has a list of top-notch online poker platforms and casinos other iGaming owners should strive to be.

Support Frontline Employees

Frontline employees are the face of your online poker business. They are the ones delivering superior services and are the problem-solvers of customer complaints. Give them due attention, focus, and support to keep them productive.

One way to do this is to give them the technological solutions or tools that can help improve their work quality. For example, upgrade your information and communication systems between managers and supervisors. The more often management can support your frontline employees, the better their productivity and work quality will be.

Avoid Overworking and Overwhelming Your Employees

Most online poker businesses remain open 24/7. Behind the scenes, your employees come in rotating shifts. Yet, despite online work already being a common thing, many people still get stressed and experience burnout from working online.

Burnout and stress can decrease the productivity of your employees, especially those in frontline positions. They may become less approachable and just do the bare minimum. You can help avoid this when you:

●        Promote work/life balance

●        Give reasonable workloads and schedules

●        Improve workplace wellness (providing ergonomic gear and more breaks)

●        Offer employee assistance programs

●        Practice open communication with employees

Update Employee Compensation and Benefits

Here’s a question for all business owners and managers out there. Would you remain in a company that doles out too much work, offers no fair compensation, and has few benefits? The reasonable answer is no, so why would your employees answer differently?

Ensure all your employees are getting the proper compensation. Better yet, offer competitive compensation. Do this by learning what your competitors offer employees with the same roles and then competing against those offers.

Giving your employees fair compensation will cement your reputation as a trustworthy and excellent online poker company. It will also increase their satisfaction with their work, even if their jobs are complex. Employee satisfaction is one of the critical factors that help workers stay in a company.

Find the Right People for the Job

Last but not least, hire the right people to reduce turnover. You could be doing everything right to keep your casino employees happy and satisfied. However, if they’re not the right people, they have a higher chance of leaving the company.

Plus, a lot of benefits come with having the right people on the job. These benefits include:

●        Encouraging business growth

●        Saving time and money (fewer costs on training and the hiring processes)

●        Lower turnover costs

●        Avoiding short-term employees

●        Increases team morale and bonding

To find the right people, define the role clearly. What responsibilities and privileges come with the position? It also helps to know the company culture and determine if the potential employee will fit it.


The online poker industry is already a competitive market. Having dedicated, loyal, and professional employees help you gain an edge over your competition. These techniques won’t only keep your turnover rates from rocketing. They will also create a healthy and satisfying workplace for all involved.

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