Starfield: 14 things we know about Xbox RPG

starfield has everything a game needs to become the next big thing. Coming from the studio that brought us worlds like Stand out, Elder Scrolls and even more so, the coming one Xbox exclusive is primed to be huge. Indeed massive. It could be the biggest thing in gaming since Elden Ring.

But considering Starfield is releasing on November 11th on PC and Xbox Series X/S, we know precious little about it. Bethesda has noted that the title is meant to be a “vision of a future based on reality,” but beyond that, information has been quite difficult to come by.

Luckily, Dorrani donned his helmet, settled into his comfortable cockpit chair, and embarked on his own interstellar journey – gathering every byte of information we know about the game so far to create an informative video that describes everything You need to learn about Starfield before the game launches later this year. Check it out above or read on for a quick recap of everything we know so far about Bethesda’s extraterrestrial “NASA punk.”


This is Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years

We may have had a plethora of titles from Bethesda’s other studios (Arkane, id Software, etc.) over the past few decades, but Starfield will be the first honest-to-goodness new universe from Bethesda Game Studios itself in 25 years. There’s been a lot of talk about the quality of the latest Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, so we’re hoping Starfield reverses the trend of games that – sadly – weren’t all that hot at launch.

You are exploring a cosmic frontier…

In the game, you play as a space explorer as part of a team called the Constellation and try to uncover the mysteries of this new universe. According to Bethesda chief Todd Howard, Constellation is “like NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Gentlemen Extraordinary, a group of people who are still looking for answers,” Howard said.

…but there are other factions as well

Howard also noted that there will be several other factions in the game and that “it’s like Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, where you’re going to be who you want to be, and then there are other factions that you can get into and really.” go your own way.” One faction is called the 3 Star Collective – who are all involved in the “space western fantasy”. Space Cowboys, anyone?


Starfield is set in massive new open worlds called Settled Systems…

As a member of Constellation, you will travel to many different planets, each with their own unique themes and environments. Bethesda says it will have “unprecedented freedom” – and from the studio that introduced Skyrim to the world, for example, that says a lot.

…which are damn huge

How big is Starfield? Well, Bethesda says the game is big enough (and offers enough freedom) that when you talk to your friend about the game, it would sound like “they’re playing something completely different than you.” But is that just lip service? We have to wait.

It will have city-like hubs/hub planets

Bethesda has already shared snippets of information about three of the main worlds;

  • City of Akila – where the people there are about freedom and individuality.
  • neon city – built on a water world where fishermen discovered a certain fish that could be processed into drugs.
  • New Atlantis city – Home of the United Colonies.

What other ridiculous settings will we have in the game? We’ll just have to wait and see.


You will have companions (if you want)

As is now classic in Bethesda RPGs, there will also be the option to have companions accompany you on your journey – and the developer is taking steps to make them more realistic and believable as allies, using the actions and voice acting to reflect your situation. more gives exactly. You are also more responsive to what you are doing. So try not to be too weird, okay?

It’s packed with language talent

So far it has been confirmed that there are over 150,000 voice lines in Starfield! For comparison, Fallout 4 had 111,000 and Skyrim had 60,000. I hope you have a good headset!

It takes place in the year 2310

Set in the year 2310, the game revolves around a more informed vision of what that future in space would be like – trying to work with scientifically possible technology. Todd Howard even took a trip to Elon Musk’s company SpaceX for inspiration and a more realistic look at what the technology in space will be like.


Yes, it has aliens

There are extraterrestrial monsters and creatures that can be dangerous to you out in the world. For example, just outside the walls of Akila City there are monsters known as Ashta, described as “a mix between a werewolf and a velociraptor”. Gnarled. But there are also human threats in the settled systems, which we also briefly looked at: between mercenaries, the pirates of the Crimson Fleet, violent space travelers and more… it’s dangerous out in space.

It’s built around “step-out moments”.

Todd Howard talked about “step-out moments” – where a player is first introduced to the world they are playing in and really immersed in their new surroundings. Starfield has at least two of those big moments, according to Howard; We’re assuming your first time stepping out of your ship and stepping onto a massive, highly detailed planet, and the other is stepping off a planet into space… and seeing the size of the thing for the first time. Exciting!


There is a comprehensive customization suite

Starfield is of course an RPG. So that means the character you play will be your own – and according to the developers, you can create any you want. So expect some fairly detailed customization options. But it might not be as similar to what you’ve seen before: Todd Howard has said that while players kind of know what to expect with things like stats and traits in modern RPGs, the studio wants to take a different approach, to make the game feel fresh. Curious.

Starfield is 10 years in the making…

Starfield is a title that Bethesda dreamed of… but it just wasn’t a realistic project on gaming hardware that’s come before it. The studio has been talking about Starfield internally for about 10 years – new technology, next-gen platforms and an all-new engine to build it all mean the studio’s vision is finally possible. Based on Creation Engine 2, we’ll also see The Elder Scrolls 6 use the same technology (whenever that comes out).

..and looks 10 years into the future

Bethesda is building the game with longevity in mind, and in its Endless Pursuits video, the studio says it essentially wants Starfield to “stand the test of time.” As is Skyrim and the fact that its fantasy epic is still being talked about right now. So Starfield will likely continue to be ported to every conceivable technology in the future. Starfield: 14 things we know about Xbox RPG

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