Stars who have played the Prime Minister like Jonny Lee Miller take on the role of Sir John Major


Jonny Lee Miller looks a far cry from his train days in yesterday’s pictures showing him filming in his new role as former prime minister Sir John Major.

Best known for playing heroin addict Sick Boy in the ’90s thriller, 49-year-old Jonny has taken on a surprising role as a former Conservative politician in the latest series about Netflix hit The Crown.

Jonny proved he was a great double of the Major, whose top position ran from 1990 to 1997.

But he’s not the only star to have ushered us in with their uncanny transformation into a British Prime Minister. Here, we look at the best…

Jonny Lee Miller looks far from his iconic Trainspotting role


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The actor looked unrecognizable while filming scenes for The Crown as former British Prime Minister John Major


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Antony Sher – Benjamin Disraeli

Award-winning actor Laurence Olivier, who died in December aged 72, was widely praised for his portrayal of Victoria’s prime minister in the 1997 film Mrs Brown.

This is the actor’s breakthrough film role and one of the few films he has starred in as he is more known for his stage appearances.

Following Antony’s death, co-star Judi Dench, who played Queen Victoria in the hit film, described his portrayal of Disraeli as “spectacular”.

Antony Sher as Disraeli in Mrs Brown, with Judi Dench as Queen Victoria

She added: “He can totally take a character and make it completely remarkable. He was wonderful. He’s completely engrossed whenever he’s worked on that part and in that character. ”

Disraeli twice served as prime minister under Queen Victoria, first from February to December 1868 and second from 1874 to 1880.

He is credited as the founder of today’s Conservative Party.

Jeremy Northam – Anthony Eden

Gosford Park star Jeremy, 60, played Conservative Prime Minister Anthony Eden in The Crown from 2016 to 2017.

Eden held his post from 1955 to 1957 but suffered a decline due to poor health and poor handling of the 1956 Suez Crisis, all of which appeared in the second series of The Crown. Eden ranks among the UK’s least successful prime ministers.

Sir Winston Churchill shakes hands with Anthony Eden outside 10 Downing Street in 1995



Jeremy is also seen in the first series of the Netflix drama against the relationship between Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and Peter Townsend (Ben Miles).

To transform into Eden, Jeremy wore gray hair and the signature mustache of the former Prime Minister.

However, feedback on his performance was mixed, with one critic saying that he played “Prime Minister Anthony Eden as if he had a nervous breakdown in every shot”.

Jeremy’s performance in The Crown received mixed reviews

John Lithgow – Sir Winston Churchill

American actor John played the lead role of Tory PM Churchill in The Crown from 2016 to 2019. The star was delighted to be offered the role, saying: “I think I said yes before. My agent finished the sentence, although I was quite surprised. ”

However, making himself one of the most famous figures in 20th Century history is not a meaningful feat.

John revealed: “I don’t think I’ve ever prepared for any role as much as this, mainly because I’m an American playing the archetypal British.

John Lithgow as Winston Churchill in the first season of The Crown


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“I almost overcompensated by immersing myself completely in the history of the man. It was so fascinating, I became addicted to Churchill in a way that I discovered with many people.”

John also used a wig to make him look bald, and was given a smack inside his mouth to make him smirk and help him sound like the former Prime Minister, who has led Britain since five years. 1940 to 1945 during World War II and again from 1951 to 1955.

Gary Oldman – Sir Winston Churchill

When he was first offered the role of Churchill in the 2017 war drama The Darkest Hour, Gary, 63, was worried because he looked nothing like himself.

“The physical aspect was always a challenge,” he recalls. I would have to gain about 80 pounds, which I can’t do. Makeup is the only answer. “

Gary as the late politician in the wartime drama



To alter his appearance, Gary wore a fat suit and had facial prosthetics including the tip of his nose, chin, and cheeks applied to transform into a wartime PM – a process that took almost four hours a day. on the movie set.

Gary also said he downloaded an app on his phone that featured Churchill speeches that he listened to over and over to memorize his lines and get the accent right.

It’s all well-deserved as the actor received the 2018 Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.

Meryl Streep – Margaret Thatcher

Meryl, 72, won her third Oscar for her portrayal of the UK’s first female Prime Minister in the 2011 film The Iron Lady.

To prepare for the role, the American actress sat down with British MPs in the House of Commons, but although she wanted to meet the former Conservative Prime Minister, Thatcher refused.

Meryl Streep has won an Oscar for her time as a British politician



Thatcher is said to have refused to meet the actress who played her on screen


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Despite Meryl’s critically acclaimed portrayal of Thatcher, who served as Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, The Iron Lady received some criticism from Thatcher’s former colleagues due to footage showing it This politician is an elderly woman with amnesia.

Meryl replied: “It’s something I don’t think should be discriminatory, it’s life, it’s the truth.”

When Thatcher died of a stroke in April 2013, Meryl hailed the controversial Prime Minister as a “scary figure”.

She added: “Margaret Thatcher was a pioneer, willingly or not, for the role of women in politics.”

Gillian Anderson – Margaret Thatcher

Another role from The Crown, 53-year-old Gillian stunned with her uncanny resemblance to Thatcher in the recent fourth series.

Gillian wears two different wigs – a softer and matching wig to reflect her less severe image when she first came to power, and a thinner, looser set to signify a loss of power force when fellow Tory MPs turned against her.

Instead of using prosthetics, Gillian said emulating the rest of Thatcher’s look was a case of dressing and makeup.

Gillian Anderson has the voice of the late politician right in the 4th series of The Crown


Des Willie / Netflix)

“We’re the same age, so I don’t feel like I need to age myself,” she said.

“We have the same nose. We have slightly similar eyes because we both have closed eyelids. “

Gillian has also been commended for nailing the late politician’s mannerisms and distinctive raspy voice – and the latter is key to an accurate portrayal.

“You can have the wig and you can have the clothes, but if the voice isn’t right, you’re going to be very upset,” Gillian said.

Michael Sheen – Tony Blair

Michael Sheen has played Tony Blair several times throughout his career



Michael’s breakout TV role was as the former Labor prime minister in Peter Morgan’s 2003 film The Deal, which explored the Granita pact made by Blair and Gordon Brown before 1994. Labor party leadership election.

Since then, Michael, 53, has continued to play Blair, who worked as PM from 1997 to 2007, twice more for Morgan’s films – The Queen (2006) and The Special Relationship (2010). These roles have earned him BAFTA Award nominations and Emmy Award nominations.

Tony and Cherie Blair embrace in front of 10 Downing Street in 1997



Michael met Blair just before he started work on the final film in the ‘Blair trilogy’.

“He was very wary of me,” he recalls.

“It’s interesting because he’s clearly a very charming and socially attractive person, and obviously wants social interaction to go well, but I can see another part of him going on: ‘Come on, this guy might be copying me.’

“There’s a strange move there.”

Kenneth Branagh – Boris Johnson

The British actor was recently photographed looking at the current PM’s spitting image Boris Johnson thanks to the prosthetic and the strawberry blonde wig.

Belfast director Sir Kenneth, 61, will play the Tory frontman in an upcoming sky drama about Coronavirus Disease.

Kenneth Branagh as Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the upcoming TV series



Called This Spectred Isle, the show is currently scheduled to air on NOW TV from this fall and looks at the government’s response during its first airing in spring 2020.

Five episodes of the series will also follow Johnson’s hospitalization after signing the contract Covid-19the birth of their son Wilfred and the impact of the pandemic on the country at large.

Appear on ITV of Lorraine last month, Sir Kenneth praised This Spectred Isle’s prosthetics team for helping him transform into Johnson.

“Having a great team, the team putting that together is unbelievable.”

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