Starving Russian commander says Vladimir Putin threw troops into Ukraine for slaughter – World News

In a video shared on Telegram, a commander leading the 113th regiment of the Donetsk Republic fighting for Russia complains that he was sent to Ukraine without proper weapons, medicine or food

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Russian soldiers claim commanders ‘shoot their own wounded soldiers’

A Russian commander was filmed complaining about being thrown to the slaughter without food, equipment or medicine fighting Ukrainian forces.

The shocking video shows the Russian military commander of the 113th regiment of the Donetsk Republic reading some sort of notepad while delivering the speech.

His revelations paint a bleak picture of the state of some of Vladimir Putin’s troops fighting in eastern Ukraine.

In the video, released by a pro-Russian Telegram channel, he stands in front of his battle-weary soldiers, who are armed.

He reveals how they fought on the front lines in the Kherson region “in hunger and cold” without medicines or real weapons.

This video is the latest in a series highlighting discontent among the newly formed regiments of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics



The video pans to some of the soldiers while some appear to be sustaining injuries. Some of the soldiers are dressed in vests and wear running shoes, although they are at the front.

The commander says they were sent to slaughter without proper weapons and asks to return to Donetsk and stop mobilization there.

He adds that they don’t have proper weapons, food or equipment and the unit suffers from a “chronic illness”.

The shocking revelation comes on the 100th day of the conflict during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine amid persistent reports of Russian brutality directed at its own forces.

The online channel where the video was shared called it “another video of our illegally mobilized boys”.

It continues: “Since February, the boys in the Kherson region have been on the front lines in hunger and cold.

The commander’s men stood behind him as he spoke, and highlighted a number of what appeared to be injuries they had



“No one passed a medical examination, they mobilized mentally ill children, fathers of many children, guardians.

“Moreover, our fighters report that the command throws them to slaughter without proper weapons.”

The Telegram channel continues to complain about how Russia is mobilizing fighters, calling it “illegal.”

She appears to represent fighters from the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine and has regularly posted other videos complaining about how Russia is treating the region it claims it is liberating and fighting for.

The commander said he and his men had no proper weapons, food or medicine



However, the regions that Russia has claimed to be now republics, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, have suffered on Russia’s behalf, some have argued.

Kamil Galeyeva Wilson Center staffer highlighted online how troops from these regions often bore the brunt of the conflict.

According to reports, two DPR regiments had recently refused to fight, making almost identical complaints to the commander of the 113th regiment.

This included being used as “cannon fodder” or being treated like mercenaries. It comes as Russia has been trying to restart its campaign against Ukraine in recent months.

Some of the men were dressed simply in running shoes and T-shirts or vests, even though they were in the front line



The fighting has claimed nearly 50,000 lives so far, according to Reuters, with the majority of the dead suffered by Russia.

Millions were displaced from their homes and forced to flee the Russian invasion.

Despite an initial push toward the capital, Russia quickly found its forces faltering and unable to take Ukraine’s urban centers.

After regrouping in the east of the country, Putin’s troops have since had more success in capturing cities and territories and gradually advancing.

The commander said he and his men also suffered from diseases



Referring to the 100 days of fighting so far, the Defense Ministry tweeted: “Russia’s attack on northern Ukraine ended in costly failure.

“Russia has failed to implement its own principles of war. With many units’ limited combat readiness, it spread its forces too thinly without sufficient artillery and fighter aircraft support.

“It was based primarily on extremely optimistic assessments of the reception of Russian troops in Ukraine. Russia has now adopted a “strategy of attrition” and is making slow and costly gains in the Donbas.”

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