Stephen A. Smith talks about a good game, but misses the ceremonial first pitch for the Yankees


Stephen A. Smith made 60 feet, 6 inches look much longer Thursday when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at home plate at Yankee Stadium.

The ESPN star commentator bowed his head in shame.

However, the “First Take” host looked good before he got started.

“I give the pre-pitch routine an A-plus,” Jack Curry says said in the YES network. “A lot of swagger goes on the mound. … Everything looked good until the ball was actually released.”

Smith said at least it wasn’t that bad 50 cent throw at Citi Field in 2014. However, his ESPN colleague Adam Schefter said it: “could compete“That terrible throw.

We think Smith is still safe from comparisons:

Yahoo offered one of the funnier takes on Smith’s poor throw: “We remind you that Smith was a basketball player at Winston-Salem State University, so perhaps he attempted a bounce pass.”

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