Stephen King provokes Ted Cruz with a bang from his recent past


Horror master Stephen King bluntly reminded Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) of his own recent past in response to lawmakers’ latest tweet about immigration.

Cruz sent a message describing the southern border situation as an “invasion,” citing in the Terrorist Screening Database an increase in the number of border encounters with people who have become a topic of conversation among Republicans in recent times.

When Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) made a similar comparison last month, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler called it “Misleading” considering the list contains some 1.6 million names, many of them false, and the statistics reflect people who were caught.

In other words, they were not allowed into the country.

But King noted that at least one person went the other way: Cruz himself, who notoriously fled Texas in 2021 when record cold weather and widespread power outages sparked a deadly humanitarian crisis across the state.

As the disaster unfolded, Cruz secretly vacationed in sunny Cancun — only returning home after being noticed and internet-shamed by some of his fellow travelers.

King may be best known for his books and the film adaptations of them, but he’s also been politically active, particularly on social media, where he hasn’t been shy about denouncing Republican lawmakers.

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