Stephen Miller’s Laughable Idea For Hunter Biden Plea Deal

Former Donald Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller said Wednesday that the only plea deal Hunter Biden should receive is “tell us every single thing your father did or go to jail.”

Miller appeared on Newsmax after President Joe Biden’s son pleaded not guilty to two tax charges amid a derailment of a previous plea bargain. A judge declined to authorize the settlement, citing misgivings with an agreement to protect Hunter Biden from future tax prosecution and the plea deal’s apparent tie to a diversion program for a gun possession charge.

Continuing conservatives’ fruitless offensive to tie the commander in chief to his son’s legal woes, Miller accused the president of influence-peddling and referred back to an IRS whistleblower’s claim that the Department of Justice obstructed the investigation into the younger Biden’s tax fraud.

In a clip provided by Mediaite, Miller claimed without proof that the original plea deal was meant to close the book on more serious charges against the Bidens. (Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Wednesday made a similar accusation.)

The judge also questioned whether the now-scuttled plea deal protected Hunter Biden from prosecution for allegedly violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

“And so what Republicans in Congress, and what I hope Democrats if they were being fair, would demand is that Hunter Biden be prosecuted for failing to register as a foreign agent, and the only plea deal that should be offered to him is this: Tell us every single thing your father did or go to jail,” Miller concluded.

Stephen Miller and Hunter Biden
Stephen Miller and Hunter Biden

Meanwhile, Miller continues to be a fervent loyalist of the twice-impeached-and-twice-indicted former president.

Miller, who was a top adviser and speechwriter for Trump, met with a federal grand jury about several conversations he had with the former president related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

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