Steve Dymond’s fiancé got Jeremy Kyle’s signature tattoo on her arm after his death

Steve Dymond’s fiance has revealed she got Jeremy Kyle’s autograph tattooed on her arm – following the death of her lover.

Jane Callaghan, 51, appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show with her partner Steve in 2019 so he could take a lie detector test to prove he wasn’t cheating on her.

Tragically, Steve took his own life shortly after joining the show. The Jeremy Kyle Show was glitched by ITV shortly after, and the episode never aired on TV.

However, his fiancée has said she “feels sorry” for host Jeremy for his backlash and does not blame him or the show for what happened.

A former Jeremy Kyle employee – who remains anonymous in the new Channel 4 documentary – opens up about Jane’s relationship with the producers and says she considers them her friends.

“Jane has this uncanny connection to the producers that have come to Portsmouth,” the former employee stated. “I think she has this strange connection with the fact that she owes them something.

Jane Callaghan spoke about the tragic death of her partner Steve Dymond


Jane Callaghan / Facebook)

Steve tragically committed suicide in May 2019


Steve Dymond Facebook)

“She doesn’t see it like she thinks they’re like her friends. She probably needs people. I don’t think Jane has many people who sincerely care about her and I find that real. sadness.”

But after revealing a tattoo she signed with Jeremy on her arm, which she says she got after Steve’s death, she said of the presenter: “I really feel sorry for him after the reaction. the backlash he received.

“I don’t hate Jeremy Kyle, I don’t blame him… I can’t blame someone when I’m partly to blame.”

Former program staff also talked about what happened the morning that the show went wrong.

Jane has a tattoo of Jeremy Kyle’s signature on her arm


Channel 4 / Jeremy Kyle shows death during the day)

One said: “Everybody comes in at 10 a.m., because nobody knows what’s going on. And then it’s like ‘You’re all getting superfluous.’ And right after I finished. the proof of that is gone, all of our accounts have shut down everything, even the signs in our office that say Jeremy Kyle has been down for a day. does not exist.

“They knew it was going to be a huge hit.”

Steve’s hostess, Shelley Thaxter, 58, also appeared in the documentary and described him as “vulnerable” and he told her he and Jane would appear on the show. .

“He told me he was going to be on the show and he said ‘It could be a way to prove to her that I’m not cheating on her,'” she said. “I said ‘Actually I think you’re stupid…you might hear something on the show you don’t want to hear’.”

An unnamed whistleblower said it was “funky” that he wanted to appear on the show.

“We all thought how much fun he wanted to be on the show,” she said. “I don’t think they could have known how well he was before he was on the show. None of us were equipped to know that.”

Steve failed a lie detector test after he was accused of cheating on his fiancée Jane



While another former employee added: “Beggars and desperate people get into the program… They are often people with mental health problems. We will have to look at the checklist. Mental health checks with every guest to see if they’re okay with the show. The pressure of ordering these books makes you often lie or sometimes omit important information or details.”

Shelley also recalls Steve trying to get in touch with his doctor because he was on stress medication and that he wasn’t allowed on the program if he took this particular medication.

“Literally, he was running around trying to solve this problem,” she said

“That’s what the man wanted,” Shelley said. “He said he was getting back with Jane.”

However, it was a very different story when Steve appeared on the show, she insisted.

“Steve said when he was on stage, Jeremy Kyle was inside of him,” she said. “‘You’re a liar. We’ve proven that you lied.” And then he couldn’t step off the stage. Like a cat caught in the headlights. “

Asked about what happened on the day of filming, a male accuser said: “The producer said it was a great show. ‘This is one of the best shows I’ve produced about. dramatic and emotional side.’ I remember her saying “I feel really bad for the guy… he’s a sick liar, I guess and he obviously can’t help it. He’s a lovely guy.”

Jane says she doesn’t blame Jeremy Kyle for what happened


Channel 4 / Jeremy Kyle shows death during the day)

Shelley said: “He called me to say he was in the car coming back from Manchester and he said ‘I just want to take morphine and detox’. That’s what he said. I said – don’t stupid, get home and we’ll talk.

“But when he came back from the show that night, he broke down. I’ve never seen a man like it. It was terrible. All he said was ‘I am me.’ told so many lies, too many lies.” We talked and we talked That night. I thought I might have gotten over him but… we all obviously know what happened. “

ITV said in a statement: “The Jeremy Kyle Show has been on the air for 14 years. During that time, over 20,000 people have joined the show seeking help with relationship issues or problems. dealing with problems related to drugs or alcohol The central purpose of the program is conflict resolution and the program has achieved many positive outcomes where people are able to work through personal problems.

“Jeremy Kyle Show has a broad and detailed mandate of care processes for contributors built over 14 years. It has a dedicated guest wellbeing team of healthcare professionals. mental health team with decades of experience in the NHS mental health sector, who focused on the well-being of guests throughout the production.The guest was supported by the program and the welfare team. before shooting, during and after shooting.If they require ongoing help then appropriate solutions will be found for them, which may include residential rehabilitation, consulting, management tantrums, family mediation, child access mediation or couples counseling.

“Due to the serious nature of the events of May 2019, namely the death of a guest a few days after joining the show, ITV has decided to end production of the show. It would not be appropriate to ITV’s further comment on that investigation will be held later this month.

“ITV does not accept the accusation that the center of this show is ‘bad culture’ within the production team. We note that the show includes anonymous former production members who identify themselves and others who have Do wrong without proof ITV will never tolerate any behavior Production staff misleading or lying to guests All Jeremy Kyle Show guests are aware of its nature of the show and the style of the presenter before taking part in the recording Most of those who applied to appear saw the show for themselves, agreeing to participate in writing.

“Since 2018, ITV has taken important steps in relation to its obligations to care for participants. ITV has issued new detailed guidance to all of its producers on the protection of participants. in October 2019. to be carried out by industry regulator Ofcom in 2021. ITV also ensures better regulatory oversight of participants’ welfare through its Care Board and has created a Advisory group mental health consultation involves mental health charities to advise ITV on its policies towards program staff and guests.”

* The Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime airs at 9pm on Sundays and Mondays on Channel 4

If you are struggling and need help and support, The Samaritans operates a toll-free helpline open 24/7 on 116 123. Alternatively, you can email if you’d like to write down how you feel.

For information on eating disorders, UK charity BEAT can help. Steve Dymond's fiancé got Jeremy Kyle's signature tattoo on her arm after his death

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