Stranger Things Season 4: Five clues in Netflix trailer that make fans fear the worst


Netflix finally rolled out a full-length trailer for Stranger Things Season 4 on Tuesday (April 12), and there’s plenty for fans to digest.

It has been confirmed that the fourth installment will be the final installment of the sci-fi thriller, and it looks like the Duffer Brothers have pulled all the stops.

The epic trailer, just over three minutes long, teases that “a war is coming” and that our favorite Hawkins characters are “getting excited about the heart of the storm”.

Ever since the trailer was released, eagle-eyed fans have been speculating about what could be, and these clues have them fearing the worst…

Netflix has finally rolled out a full-length trailer for Stranger Things Season 4, and there’s plenty for fans to digest



Max is in trouble

Max Mayfield shows up several times in the brand new trailer, and things don’t look right for the red-headed teen.

Max (Sadie Elizabeth Sink) first appears in a graveyard when she sits in front of the stele of her step-brother Billy.

Reading a letter to him, she said: “Dear Billy, I don’t know if you can hear this. Since you left, everything has been a complete disaster. For a while, We try to live a happy, normal life, but I know that’s not possible.”

Two minutes later, fans saw Max levitate in front of the tombstone – but she was joined by Lucas Sinclair, Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson – who were all looking on in awe.

Max Mayfield appears multiple times in the brand new trailer and things don’t look good for the redheaded teen


Courtesy of Netflix)

Fans immediately thought it was the worst and took to Twitter to comment, with one person writing: “I’m going to need Lucas to step up and protect my girl cause she’s one of my favorites .”

Another said: “MAX IS Floating OMG.

And another person compared it to a scene from Stephen King’s It and wrote: “The part that’s maxed out in the air, it could be a nod to Stephen King’s It’s like Beverly.”

A mysterious package arrives

Halfway through the trailer, Joyce Byers is seen inspecting a mysterious package that has arrived at her home in Hawkins.

The mother-of-two (Winona Ryder) looks shocked as she flips the box over and the camera angle changes, multiple stamps are seen on the parcel – seemingly confirming it came from Russia – where Jim Hopper is currently being held. imprisoned.

Fans picked it up immediately, with one asking: “WHAT ABOUT THIS ORDER FROM RUSSIA AT JOYCE’S HOME? #StrangerThings.”

Joyce Byers is seen inspecting a mysterious package that has arrived at her home in Hawkins



Another urged: “Bring jim back for fun, please #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4”, and a third added: “I swear to god, if season 4 k* loses its fun, steve, nancy , robin or jonathan, I swear to f*cking my god. I’d rather they take the kids… YES! I told you! #strangerthings.”

Another posted: “I THINK THEY THEY FLY MAXIMUM AND DO WHAT TO JOYCE F*CK #StrangerThings # StrangerThings4.”

Jim Hopper was beaten and bruised

At the end of season three, fans thought Jim Hopper was really dead – but it looks like he’s actually alive, and not so well, in a Russian prison.

Just over a minute into the season 4 trailer, viewers catch a glimpse of Jim (David Harbor) shaving his head and looking very worried as he is transported somewhere.

Another piece of code shows him tied to a chair, beaten and bruised when someone put a gas mask over his head.

Jim Hopper is seen looking battered and bruised as he is tied up in a prison in Russia

Jim is heard saying, “I believe I was brought here for some other reason. Maybe I can still help. Even if it’s the last thing I do”, when one sees a person. who is lighting a fire.

One fan took to Twitter and predicted: “Hopper shows the Russians fire stop/defeat demihumans in prison. (He likes cold.) They put Hopp upside down with a flamethrower and stay there. he reunites with Steve and the gang…or El. or Joyce.”

Could Jim be the savior of the day? And if so, will he survive this time?

Creepy Creel House

It has been confirmed that Creel’s mansion will play a major role in season four of Stranger Things.

Fans get a glimpse of the creepy house in the trailer as well as the clock the grandfather puts inside.

One of the creators of sho teased: “…I don’t want to give too much away other than to say that this watch plays a very, very important role in the future.”

The Creel family is a family that purchased a home in Hawkins in 1959. They experienced strange and supernatural things happening in their home during their residency.

Creepy Creel House in Hawkins is said to play a ‘key’ role in season 4

This then led to many murders in the house. The house was then abandoned and left vacant for many years.

Victor Creel was committed to a mental institution because of his apparent role in the murders, and now fans think he’s the one haunted by the Upside Down’s “mind wreckers.”

Robert Englund, known for his role as Freddy Krueger, appears in the trailer as an old Creel man who has lost his sight.

Robert Englund, best known for playing Freddy Krueger, appears in the trailer as an elderly Victor Creel


Courtesy of Netflix)

One fan immediately predicted: “I may be going really crazy but my theory makes a lot of sense. After many years, Mr. Creel is still alive and old, he took his eyes. own to give to thinkers.”

Another tweeted: “I know Netflix said he was in a psychiatric ward but I’m 94% sure this new monster is somehow Victor Creel.”

Referring to the horrifying clip of the Mind Flayer’s claws, another posted: “THIS IS 100% A DIRECT REFER TO FREDDY KRUEGER.”

Eleven has no powers

In the trailer that confirmed Eleven had been moved to California, Dr. Sam Owens told her: “We put you guys away from Hawkins because I thought you guys would be safe.

“A war is coming… I’m afraid your friends in Hawkins are in sight of the storm,” he continued, when El (Millie Bobby Brown) told him, “I have no right to be.” your term.”

Dr. Owens replied: “I don’t know how to tell you this, but without you we could not have won this war.”

Blink and you’ll miss that scene where Eleven gets shaved again


Courtesy of Netflix)

And in the blink of an eye, you’ll miss that scene that shows El shaved head again – and fans believe it’s not a flashback.

One person tweeted: “Owens told El they couldn’t win the fight without her, so they took her to the lab to try to bring back her powers. And they’ll shave her head again?! Because she doesn’t look like an 11yo kid in the last pic imo.”

It’s uncertain if El’s supernatural powers will return, and if she’ll be able to defeat the Mind Flayer another time – and somehow save everyone in the process.

The trailer ends with the demon saying, “It’s about time. You’ve lost,” but it’s uncertain whether that direct threat was directed at El.

Stranger Things 4 Episode 1 will air on Netflix on May 27 and the next Episode 2 on July 1.

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