Strict routine is bad for dogs, despite popular belief, says expert


Qualified dog trainer Max Randall, founder of MK9Plus Dog Training, believes that a “strict and regimented routine is bad for dogs” and says you shouldn’t walk your pet in the same park every day

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Max and Enzo do things differently than most

Maintaining a regular routine can help your dog feel comfortable and know when to expect food, a walk, and playtime.

However, according to one experienced dog trainer, a strict and strictly regimented routine can negatively impact your dog’s behavior and mood.

Max Randall, founder of MK9Plus dog training is a highly experienced and qualified professional who graduated from the Institute of Modern Dog Training.

As a canine mental health specialist, Max encourages owners to make changes to their daily routines to ultimately improve their dog’s headroom.

Max told The Mirror: “Routine can be really bad for dogs. Over the years many owners have come to me with behavior issues thinking that their dog grooming routine is the only thing they are doing right.

“Then I tell them that their routine is at the root of all their problems.

Dogs crave variety when they take the same walk every day


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“I always hear that routine gives the dog structure or can make it feel comfortable, and that’s not wrong at all – but you can have a comfortable routine without being regimented.”

Max believes that making changes in your dog’s daily life is incredibly important.

He continues: “Diversity is incredible for our dogs and us because it keeps things exciting, valuable and stimulating.

“We drastically decrease stimulation or mental exercise if we don’t vary our dog’s walks, and our dog’s mental health suffers.

“Daily monotonous walks with no variety forces our dogs to seek out excitement in the form of other dogs, smells and people.

“Bored walks make bored dogs, and unless these dogs have an exciting environment to engage in, having a dog around the corner is for the best. Then you can say goodbye to any callback you have.

Max Randall says boring walks make boring dogs


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“Walking your dog in the same place every day is like walking your dog in your yard. This place is neither stimulating nor fulfilling because your dog always has access to it. It doesn’t matter how big your garden is.

“And that’s what happens to these dogs who live the same life every day.”

Walking your dog in the same park can be even more damaging if he has developed a fear of the environment such as people, cars or noise.

“The environment becomes the trigger because every horrible thing that has ever happened to your dog happened there, and you keep bringing him there, so your dog is scared when he’s just about to start the walk,” says Max.

A negative result can also occur if your dog is normally very agitated or excitable.

“Reminder and leadership training become impossible because the dog is too busy looking for variety and stimulation,” says Max.

“Both anxious and excited dogs miss out on so much potential stimulation on everyday walks because they’re desperate for a change in routine.”

Varying your routine can improve your dog’s mental health and behavior


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Max believes that “a strictly planned, predictable and regimented life is not good for a dog” – and the answer is simple.

Alternating your dog’s daily routine with new environments and irregular meal times can help keep your dog busy and not bored.

“My dog ​​Enzo has two walks a day and I also split his two meals between those walks. However, I change when and where to keep things interesting,” explains Max.

“Knowing that his needs will be met every day, Enzo can sleep and that’s all that matters.

“He’s comfortable in everything, confident in everything, and never desperate for employment opportunities because he’s bored.

“By keeping life different and exciting, we increase the quality and stimulation of our dog’s walks. This is how we increase the stimulation of our dog’s life without food and toys.

“Many of my clients have had phenomenal success with this method as well.”

To learn more about Max and his positive reinforcement training, please visit his website MK9Plus dog training.

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