Suspect arrested for murders of three women in Dallas


Police on Wednesday arrested a man believed to be connected to the killings of three women in Dallas in recent months.

Oscar Sanchez Garcia, 25, is expected to face triple murder charges, according to a Dallas Police Department press release.

Authorities said the suspect was identified “through evidence collected by investigators” in a preliminary investigation into the killings, which happened over a four-month period.

On April 22, 60-year-old Kimberly Robinson was found dead in an open field near the Trinity River in southwest Dallas. NBC News reported. Two months later, on June 24, Cherish Gibson, 25, was found stabbed to death near the field where Robinson’s body was found. Also on Saturday, the body of a third woman, who could not be identified, was found near the river, just a few miles from where the other two bodies were found.

The causes of death for Robinson and the unidentified woman remain unknown.

The Dallas Police Department is investigating a possible connection between the three deaths and reported that at least two of the women could be linked to prostitution.

“While the Dallas Police Department has not determined whether the three deaths are related, the investigation has determined that at least two of the victims may have ties to prostitution,” the department said in a statement Wednesday.

The police did not explain what motive Sanchez Garcia might have had KDFW TV in Dallas. The investigation is ongoing and police have said they are sharing information about the killings and the suspect’s arrest in the “interests of public safety”.

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