Talking Cat Breeds And What Makes Them So Unique

If you have a rare or pedigree cat then you will know how special they are, how different they look compared with the generic breeds we see in people’s homes or roaming the streets, and why owners are doing everything they can to take care of them to the best of their abilities.

Thinking that your cat is different comes with the status of it being that much better than the next feline, but what makes one more unique to the next? Is it unique coloring, the long list of allergies it may have, and thus a personal chef-catered meal plan, or is there more to it? There has to be right, after all, we searched high and low to find the perfect four-legged friend to join the family.


How do you know if the cat you’re purchasing is a pedigree, one of a select bred species, or ultra-high-end? Well, you could ask the supplier and hope they are being honest with you and that the paperwork all checks out, or you could do your own research and be sure for yourself.

A few elements to keep your eye on and to be aware of when purchasing a rare cat breed can make the experience that much better, let’s take a look at what some of those may be and if it helps you with your new pet cat purchasing adventure then half the battle is won.

Ideally, you want to look at getting a kitten, this way you can essentially train and groom them according to your family’s dynamic and style, but also if you have children they have the chance to grow up together and form a lasting, loving relationship.

  • Certification. Be sure the kitten you decide on comes from certified parents. This means that the parents have been regularly checked over by a professional veterinarian and have cleared them of any diseases or health ailments. The purer the bloodline, however, the more likely there could be traces of health issues later on. This is because genetics have not been and are not crossed making them individually stronger to become compatible, but rather left to simply pass on the gene code from generation to generation.
  • Parents. Along with this certificate ask if it is at all possible to meet the parents of your possible kitten. See how they interact with strangers, others, and if they have an overall good temperament.

To find out about your cat breed and personality check out for a quick guide on what to look for or what to expect and this will help the decision process that much easier. We could all use a helping hand from time to time and even more so if you are new to the world of pet ownership, being a beginner you should be sure to do as much homework and research on the cat breed you are looking for and if it will be a good match for you and the family.

  • Vaccinations. This is a big factor and could be what causes changes to temperament down the line, be sure they have their vet slips showing all deworming and vaccine doses before you bring them home.
  • Club. Believe it or not, there are such things as private and elite animal clubs where only those in the inner circle meet and marvel at each other’s pets (in a matter of speaking), but more so for the social influence and affluence aspect.
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The plus side.

Other than the air of sophistication and elegance that comes with the rare cat breed category there are many positives to enjoy when your feline is from the top shelf. A cat can bring to a home more than just a soft purr and subtle strokes as they waltz past as if they own the place, but why are they so great and sought after? Sure, there are ups and downs to experience like with any cat, see this link for some of those points, but would life be as interesting if we had cake for breakfast every day, I’d think not.

They are the one pet that needs the bare minimum of maintenance and are for the most part independent, but they do keep a handle on pesky vermin and pests who may try to enter the home. Unlike dogs they don’t need as much space in the house, no cabin to rest in or garden needed to let off some steam, only a humble scratch post and litter box (and the odd spot on the couch to sink into next to you while you binge-watch your favorite series).

If you have children you can get interactive toys, the kids can play and get involved while your pet improves its hand-eye coordination or agility skills no doubt to the amusement of the children.

A final thought.

Whether you have a rare bred cat or an adopted kitty from the shelter, kids and pets are always a great combination. It has been successfully shown that cats and children help each other in ways we as adults may never understand, they listen without judgment, soothe the soul asking for nothing in return, and are the constant companionship they need to enjoy life to the fullest.

The fact that you are taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet is a great honor, and your life will that much better for it.


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