Taylor Swift – and her fans – attend Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s wedding


Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley were married in New Jersey on Saturday, to a star-studded guest list that included Taylor Swift and her fans.

Celebrities such as Zoë Kravitz, Channing Tatum and Lana del Rey were also in attendance.

The wedding was an event that spanned an entire weekend Thousands gathered before Antonoff and Qualley’s rehearsal dinner after fans heard Swift was in New Jersey.

Swifties began criticizing those who showed up for the rehearsal dinner, saying that Swift deserved to go to a private wedding without being swamped by fans.

“If we see ANYONE ever share Taylor’s location again, can we all agree that if we see ANYONE share Taylor’s location, we will not share nor repost the pics?” posted one person on X, formerly known as Twitter. “At this point, it is a safety precaution and to respect their privacy. Neither should need to be explained, but here we are.”

Others pointed out that Swift wrote about being too famous in her song “Anti-Hero,” singing, “I’m a monster on the hill / Too big to hang out, slowly on my way to your favorite town.”

Fans also shared Swifts Diary entry 2013 which sold in 2019 with her album Lover, on which she wrote that being famous felt like being a “tiger in a deer park.”

“It’s odd for me that after all these years I still feel so scared when I see a group of people gathered outside my house stare, camera phones pointed upward,” Swift wrote. “You could never have imagined how much it felt to be hunted. And no matter how big my house is or how many albums I sell, I’ll still be the rabbit. Because the hunters will always outnumber me.”

Loud screams greeted Swift as she exited the rehearsal dinner. “She kept her composure and waved politely to fans as she climbed into a black SUV.” according to Teen Vogue.

Antonoff and Swift became friends in 2012 and have since collaborated on several Grammy-winning albums.

Antonoff and Qualley were first seen together in 2021 and got engaged a year later. Qualley showed it from her ring on Instagram with the caption, “Oh I love him!”

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