Ted Cruz is fooled by a shark photo and points his finger at LA


Talking about the weather is supposed to be the safest topic of conversation – but apparently not for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

The sleazy Texas Republican retweeted a photo that purported to show a shark in the flooded waters of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, but was actually a variation of a fake photo circulating the internet since at least 2011.

“Holy crap,” the senator wrote on X, formerly Twitter. tropical storm Hilary was speeding through Southern California on Sunday night, resulting in flooded roads, mudslides and widespread power outages – but no sharks have been sighted as far as we know.

Some people weren’t fooled one bit and quickly provided context to the tweet. A note was added to Cruz’s tweet, informing readers that the manipulated image, which was circulating online following several notable storms, was of a photo showing a shark chasing a kayaker from a 2005 article in Africa Geographic.

Others simply pointed to the senator’s limited critical thinking skills.

Cruz finally admitted he had been taken in by a hoax, but tried to blame it on the fact that the hoax was allegedly from Los Angeles.

“I was told this was a joke,” he wrote. “You never know in LA … And please everyone stay safe from the storm or other dangers.”

But that didn’t help, especially after the guy who posted the tweet that fooled Cruz caved in yet again and posted another fake photo of sharks swimming in a flooded mall.

Cruz doesn’t have a particularly good track record when it comes to commenting on weather events.

This has been the case since February 2021, when the senator left his fellow Texas residents with record-breaking temperatures and blackouts to stay in sunny and warm Cancun, Mexico.

Cruz was criticized for his actions and the resulting humiliation prompted him to return to Texas almost immediately.

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