Ted Cruz was arrested for sharing another highly misleading tweet


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) fell for more disinformation on social media Monday when he posted a completely out of context tweet about the border.

The message, which Cruz retweeted, included video that appeared to show part of the border wall that appeared to have been welded open.

“The Biden administration welded up the Trump border wall in Tucson, AZ. It’s not a crisis. It is by design,” the original message said.

Calling it “crazy,” Cruz blamed President Joe Biden for sharing it:

Versions of this message circulated in right-wing media.

However, as pointed out in a community note accompanying the original tweet, the gates are open due to the threat of flash floods that could bring down the wall.

This policy also applied when Donald Trump was in office, and the Washington Post reported about it in January 2020.

At the time, Cruz saw no problem with that.

Cruz has had some well-documented issues with social media, specifically X, aka Twitter.

Just last week, for example, he fell for fake footage that allegedly showed a shark swimming in the flooded waters off the 405 freeway in Los Angeles — footage that… reappears as a joke in many floods.

In 2017, his account “liked” a hardcore porn video that he later blamed on a co-worker. Last year, his trip to Cancun, as his state suffered from crippling power outages amid a debilitating storm, was revealed through images on social media … and his attempts to joke about it in tweets failed.

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