Teeth Whitening Home Hack uses only three natural ingredients

Pearly white teeth can definitely make us feel more confident, but spending on teeth whitening strips might not always feel like it’s worth the money. Here is an easy and cheap 3 ingredient hack that can whiten your teeth naturally

Man with white teeth and a bright smile
Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be expensive or use chemicals

Want to show off your bright whites with a bright, confident smile? A TikTok health expert shared a simple three ingredients chop which can help whiten your teeth without harmful chemicals and without spending any money denture whitening strips.

TikToker Armen Adamyan shared affordable and effective teeth whitening “magic hack” with followers on his account @creative_explained. All you need are three ingredients that you can easily buy or that you might already have in your kitchen.

Here’s what you need to know about the three ingredient hack, how it works, and which one too teeth whitening Hacks you’re better off avoiding.

What is the three ingredient natural teeth whitening hack?

Kiwi and cucumber can get rid of all bacteria and remove all stains to whiten your teeth



TikToker Armen Adamyan explained that you can whiten your teeth with a mixture of just three ingredients: kiwi, cucumber and baking soda.

He said, “Kiwis are packed with calcium and cucumbers eliminate any bad bacteria that builds up in your mouth, which in turn gives you whiter teeth.”

On his TikTok account, he shares how to make the teeth whitening mix.

“Take a bowl, add some kiwi. Add some cucumber. Mash it,” he says, while showing himself taking two slices of cucumber and two slices of kiwi and mashing them up with a pestle and mortar.

He continued: “Add a little baking soda. mix it up That’s it!”

Adamjan explained that all we had to do was put this mixture on our toothbrush and brush our teeth with it, adding that it tasted like kiwi.

While Adamjan says we can use the mixture on our teeth twice a week, dental expert Dr. Joseph Field that we use them more sparingly.

dentist dr Field said: “You have to be careful not to use it too often as it can cause problems [your tooth] to erode enamel.”

This is because baking soda is abrasive, while kiwi and cucumber contain acids that can cause damage if used too frequently.

The expert suggests using the mixture once a day for up to 10 consecutive days, and then using it for maintenance once or twice a month.

Which Teeth Whitening Hacks Are Bad For Your Teeth?

Some tricks like using hydrogen peroxide directly on your teeth can cause long-term oral health problems

While this three-ingredient teeth whitening hack is mostly harmless — as long as it’s used sparingly — some other hacks and trends shared on social media may not be so safe.

One such hack, which was a TikTok trend in 2020, involved using hydrogen peroxide — one of the whitening agents found in most teeth whitening products — and applying the chemical directly to your teeth.

This hack has been criticized as “extremely harmful” by dentists, with many professionals warning against using undiluted hydrogen peroxide, which can cause serious gum damage – leading to tooth loss – as well as damage to tooth enamel and tooth sensitivity.

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