Ten ways to keep YOUR engine from overheating this summer – some of them are very simple

RISING temperatures mean millions of motorists will be scrambling to keep their cars cool in the coming months.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to do just that — and some are surprisingly easy.

As temperatures rise, remember these top 10 tips to keep your car cool


As temperatures rise, remember these top 10 tips to keep your car coolPhoto credit: Getty

Britain will be hotter than Rome this week when the mercury rises above 20°C.

And the above-average temperatures are expected to continue well into next month.

So before you plan your days in the sun, think of Ollie Green from Collect Service Go‘s top 10 ways to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat.

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1. Monitor the oil weekly

As temperatures rise, the oil thins, making it more difficult to lubricate the engine.

This can increase wear on certain parts and eventually lead to failure.

To avoid this and keep engine performance in the best condition, be sure to oil your car with a suitable thick coat that will retain thickness in hot weather.

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2. Keep the air conditioning in check

Caring for your vehicle’s air conditioning system is key to preventing internal overheating – and it contributes to a longer service life.

Since air is usually depleted over time, you may need to tighten or replace the belts in the system.

Air conditioning filters can also clog, so check your air filters every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Be sure to read the maintenance schedule and maintenance guides.

3. Observe temperature gauge and coolant level

Make sure your car’s cooling system is regularly topped up to the correct level.

Remember that low coolant is a common cause of overheating.

Motorists are also urged to check if their coolant has passed its sell-by date, as stale coolant can leave deposits in the engine.

4. Carry a tire pressure gauge

Summer heat can cause excessive tire pressure as the rubber creates more friction on hot roads.

Make sure you keep a tire pressure gauge in your car for quick and regular checks – check the pressure daily during a heatwave.

A driver measures tire pressure with a pressure gauge


A driver measures tire pressure with a pressure gaugeCredit: Alamy

5. Park in the shade

It may sound simple, but picking a spot to park on a hot day can adversely affect or damage your engine.

Find a spot that’s shaded at midday, when it’s likely to be at its hottest.

It’s best to choose a spot with the sun behind you, as this will keep the steering wheel and front seats cooler.

Finding a spot under a tree or protected by some type of cover is one of the easiest ways to keep your car from overheating.

But the best place of all? A garage or covered parking space where your vehicle will be cool and safe.

6. Buy a windshield sunshade

Windshield sunshades keep the heat out of the interior of your car.

This not only prevents your car from overheating, but also keeps the steering wheel, shifter and seats cool.

While specialty sun visors are a great option, cheap reflective screens are available online or at most auto supply stores and do a great job.

7. Cover your seats

Dark and leather seats naturally attract more heat and can become uncomfortable when it’s too hot.

They could also be damaged by regular exposure to heat.

Fitting a light-colored seat cover is one solution. However, it is just as effective to place a blanket or towel over the seats.

A simple sunshade for the windshield could make all the difference


A simple sunshade for the windshield could make all the differenceCredit: Alamy

8. Avoid pre-cooling

Your car’s air conditioning will not be as effective if you pre-cool your car first.

This is because the air compressor runs faster when the engine is running.

Instead, wait a moment before getting into your car and open the doors and windows to allow the hot air to escape.

Angle your air vents up also allows air to circulate more evenly around your car and cool it more efficiently.

As the heat rises, you should also make sure to use the lower air conditioning vents in the footwell, if available.

This forces the hot air up and out of the open windows.

9. Smash windows when parking

Opening the windows a few inches when parking allows cooler air to circulate through the car.

Of course only do this if you are sure as this could attract a burglary but a tiny gap between the top of the glass and the door frame can make all the difference.

10. Wipe down hot surfaces

Finally, it makes sense to regularly check surfaces that are at risk of overheating.

On hot days, the inside door handles, handbrake, shifter and steering wheel can get hot.

Wipe them down with a damp, cold cloth to solve this problem – and it will reduce accidents for you and your passengers.

https://www.thesun.ie/motors/8543522/how-to-keep-car-cool-summer/ Ten ways to keep YOUR engine from overheating this summer – some of them are very simple

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