Terrifying phone call exposes love rat – who killed woman in shower and lied to paramedics


It was 6:20 am when Stacy Feldman received an email that would culminate in tragedy. A stranger’s text contained information she couldn’t ignore, so she picked up her phone and called. At the end of the day, Stacy was dead.

It was March 2015 and the 44-year-old was living in Denver, Colorado with her husband Robert Feldman and their two children. They had been married for a decade.

Stacy was an amazing mom with a great sense of humor who loved having fun with her kids.

But police were alerted to a tragedy on March 1 when her husband called 911. Feldman said he got home to find his wife unresponsive in the bathtub with the water running. He said he pulled her out and did CPR.

Feldman had picked his kids up from Sunday school and taken them to a county fair, and he said when they got back Stacy was badly injured in the bathroom.

Had she showered and slipped? Paramedics rushed to the scene, but tragically Stacy could not be saved.

Feldman shared with emergency services what he thought might have happened. He mentioned that she drank some edible marijuana along with some wine at a party the night before and felt sick that day, which could have caused her to slip up. He also suggested that she may have had an illness that caused her to collapse.

Stacy was known for her sense of humor

With so many unanswered questions, police were surprised when Feldman declined to perform an autopsy. Didn’t he want to know what had killed his wife? There was also very little water outside of the bath, which those at the scene found unusual. How had Stacy been pulled out without splashing water on the floor?

An autopsy went ahead. Stacy had injuries to her body, but it was concluded they had been caused by the fall or being pulled out of the bath.

And while it didn’t appear like Feldman performed CPR like he’d claimed, paramedics did, which may result in bruising.

There was also no sign of marijuana in Stacy’s system. Her death was ruled “undetermined” and her family was unhappy at the lack of answers. Meanwhile, Feldman collected a $750,000 life insurance policy they had taken out five years earlier.

She was “done with him”

Then, three months later, a woman contacted the Metro Denver Crime Stoppers phone line. She had seen Stacy’s obituary and felt compelled to get in touch – revealing she was Feldman’s lover.

They had met on Tinder a month before Stacy’s death and started a relationship. After a few dates, they had sex. Feldman had told her he was divorced. The woman wasn’t convinced, so she went online and found out he was still married.

On the morning of Stacy’s death, Feldman’s lover had emailed Stacy asking if they were still together. Stacy had called her back and revealed they were still married — and allegedly said Feldman had been unfaithful before and that she was “done with him.” Hours later Stacy was dead.

Feldman was sentenced to life imprisonment

When Feldman’s lover read Stacy’s obituary and saw that she had died on the very day they had discussed the affair, alarm bells had gone off.

Investigators had some shocking new information, but it would be two years before they could find a medical expert who could help them act on it. In October 2017, a new doctor specializing in domestic violence injuries examined Stacy’s case. He said he believes her injuries were the result of “an assault that involved blunt force trauma, strangulation and asphyxiation.”

Feldman was arrested in February 2018 and charged with first-degree murder. He was accused of killing Stacy and then staging it to look like an accident. It seemed that Stacy’s family, who had constantly campaigned for justice, would finally get answers.

Feldman was released on bail and allowed to live under house arrest – although he left home when he shouldn’t have. And despite legal challenges from Stacy’s family, Feldman used $550,000 from his wife’s life insurance to pay for his defense team. Her legal guardian argued that the money should have gone to Stacy’s children — not to defending a man who may have killed her mother.

The couple had been married for 10 years

Feldman’s trial began in April of this year, seven years after Stacy’s death, and he pleaded not guilty. His defense said he had been unfaithful before and Stacy knew about it, so why would he have killed his wife because of that infidelity? They insisted she died of natural causes, possibly from an enlarged heart, and reminded the jury that the autopsy results had been debated by many experts.

But prosecutors said Stacy was beaten and strangled by her husband for confronting him about his affair. And they said it was no coincidence that she died the same day she spoke to Feldman’s new lover.

Stacy had said she was “done with him”. It had been the last straw and they probably had a fight while the kids weren’t home.

Mistress testified in court

On the day she died, Stacy was supposed to pick up her kids from Sunday school — but Feldman showed up instead, an hour late.

Prosecutors said he was late because he was cleaning up and staging the scene. Feldman had turned up in shorts – even though the weather was cold. He had then taken the children to a church carnival and returned to the house to “discover” his wife.

“Stacy Feldman can’t tell you what happened that day, but her body can,” prosecutors said. “And what it tells you is that she suffered long, drawn out and horrific beatings.

“It wasn’t from CPR. That didn’t come from pulling her out of the tub. This didn’t come from a simple collapse in the shower. What this is is evidence of a vicious brawl.”

Feldman’s mistress testified in court, saying they met through the dating app and that he pressured her into taking nude pictures before they even met.

Stacy found out about her lover the day she died

She said Feldman also lied about his name on several occasions. When she confronted him about it, he said he used fake names because of his ugly divorce and a stalker. They had dated and had sex – but when they dated again he had apologized and made her suspicious.

After contacting Stacy, they had been on the phone as Feldman walked her kids to church. Feldman’s mistress told Stacy she was referred to as an absent mother — an allegation Stacy called “incredible.”

Prosecutors said Stacy confronted Feldman when he returned and he killed her.

And the jury agreed. After only two hours of deliberation, they found Feldman, 58, guilty of first-degree murder.

Shortly thereafter, the judge announced his verdict, and Stacy’s mother, Dorothy Malman, issued a statement.

“It’s all because you couldn’t keep your pants closed and agree to the divorce that Stacy wanted,” she told Feldman.

Stacy’s sister, Susan Malman Altman, said her family fought for seven years to prove Feldman’s guilt. They had even paid for a private investigation to gather evidence. “Instead of letting her go to be happy, he killed her,” she said.

The judge sentenced Feldman to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Feldman had tried to get away with murder, and for a time it looked like he might be able to do it. But while confronting the truth had led to Stacy’s death, his own lies would eventually see him behind bars for life.

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