Tess Daly on how she splits parenting duties with Vernon Kay and why she’s the boss


With slicked-back hair, perfectly styled and lightly tanned, Tess Daly looks as if she just stepped out of her Instagram network. The serious presenter just landed from Dubai, and lives the A-class lifestyle on her familiar jet… right? Well, it’s not exactly.

“I haven’t been out of the country since August 2020!” Tess laughed. “I don’t even like flying. It was the storm that swept me over.”

It was a photo shoot for her swimwear brand Naia Beach rather than a five-star holiday that appreciated Tess leaving her cozy life in Buckinghamshire, leaving husband Vernon Kay and two girls behind. their daughters, Phoebe, 17, and Amber, 12. A wrench, of course, but does it serve a secret enjoyable time piece for the busy mom?

Tess and Vernon split parenting duties, but she’s the boss


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Tess is loving life at 50



“Obviously not having to worry about stacking the dishwasher is lovely,” she admits. “But I really miss my family. I’m the sad mom looking around and thinking, ‘Oh they’re gonna love this.’ Now I’m planning for all of us to go away together because I missed that family vacation feeling. ”

In the midst of browsing holiday brochures, Tess is busy serving as a passionate health ambassador, both for Wellwoman vitamins and her life in general. She is currently enamored with “a wonderful book called Breathe” to help find her soul, and she considers driving alone a “waste” if there is nothing educational about it. on her Audible. “I really try to improve myself and my health through knowledge,” she says.

It also shows, though she’s sweetly modest when we mention she looks better than ever at 52. “That’s incredibly generous, but otherwise in favor of the hair. and this make-up attention you can go unchallenged,” she laughs.

Meaningless Tess. We’ll have whatever you’re up to.

She doesn’t mind the criticism



Hi Tess! We need your tips on bikini confidence first..

If in doubt, wear a kaftan! It’s a shock, actually, being on a beach when you’ve been 4 layers deep since October, and then you’re basically wearing your underwear for the world to see! My friend and I are also designing swimwear for ourselves, because there are some things you want to hide or enhance. I definitely want to suck around my waist a bit. I wanted to have a nice holiday lunch and not have to worry about a big belly afterward, so we tried to be a little more in control. I’ll lend a hand if I can get it.

Are you satisfied to see so many positive body images of women over 50?

Yes, I think it’s great. Who says you can’t wear a bikini when you’re 50? Amanda Holden looks amazing, and Davina looks amazing. No need to smoke for those two!

Do you feel this is a great time to be 50?

Yeah sure. I’m so happy with where I am in life, I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m grateful that a strong body has helped me get there. It’s great that women in this stage of life are also more represented. I’m watching And Just Like That, and it’s amazing to see women in their 50s portrayed on television because it’s been an invisible generation for so long.

Do you feel more resilient to criticism now?

Honestly, real heart, I don’t buy those negative things because why would I? There are always people willing to criticize so I don’t care. If I’m so preoccupied with what people think I’ll never even leave the house – we’ve all been doing it for two years, and that’s no fun! So trying to please those people is not my concern. It was just noise, but now I really can’t even hear it. I have more important things in my life, like my loved ones.

Tess shares the secret to confident bikini



Tess loves Wellwoman gum

What do you do to take care of your health?

Nutrition has always been an important thing to me. I snack a lot and I need chocolate every day, that makes me happy. But other than that, I’m fine. I love to cook and consume nutritious foods. Feeding my gut is part of my happiness trait, which is where happiness hormones are made. I take Wellwoman vitamin gummies because they’re like sweets that don’t spoil and they’re another tick in the box for self-care. I need to be strong and healthy to be there for my family.

What is your exercise regimen?

I do a bit of yoga online and I do it two or three times a week with my trainer. The rest of the time I just work or run with the kids.

Your eldest child will soon turn 18, how do you feel about that?

It got me thinking because I was pregnant with her in series one of Strictly. I scroll through my phone library, and not long ago I was wearing matching leggings and t-shirts, she’s a young adult now. It all happens in a split second and that’s why I cherish every moment. That’s why I’m pretty fanatical about being with my kids as much as I can, because it’ll be over before I know it and then they’ll have their own lives.

Does Phoebe remind you of yourself at that age?

She is very independent. One day, I told her she was too young to travel, and she said, “But when you were 17, you traveled alone” (when Tess left home to model). Well, that told me! No wonder my mother was so worried, your brain was not able to cope with the risks when you were 17 years old. Now I have to put myself in that position, and I just think “HELP!”

Tess is a proud mother to her girls



Tess always looks great on Serious

Safe to say you don’t expect her to fly back to the nest?

I don’t really want her to go, no. It was really the hardest thing about parenting for me, I can’t imagine mom not being at home. It’s a whole new terrain to negotiate but it’s part of the journey of a lifetime. I’m terrified but I’m also happy for her. It’s great to see our girls grow and develop. I love watching them become who they are, I’m proud of who they are and who they will become.

What is the parenting motivation for you and Vernon?

I’m Mum Cabs, that’s my main role in life. Vernon competes with the girls. He loves to take them outdoors, he will take them on a bike ride or go into the woods and swing. He’s a really fun dad. It works fine between us.

He recently said that you are the boss of the house – do you agree?

Well, will the boss ever admit it? (laughs) Well, I guess I run the kids and meal schedules. So am I the boss? Probably! (laugh)

What do you like to do together as a couple?

We love doing little adventures together, we might end up on the beach or having a picnic. We will go out with friends or go to Sunday lunch. Our lives are not so flashy!

You are a very cuddly couple on Instagram, do you make your kids cringe?

OH that’s right! If he kissed me in the kitchen, the 12-year-old would exclaim “Damn it!” She is at that moment but she is smiling behind the horror. (laugh)

Tess and Vernon love going on adventures together

What do you do to relax?

Oh, I rarely relax. Usually around ten o’clock, I would scream to no one in particular: “I just sat down for the first time today!” When I wanted to relax, I would take a deep bath and light a lavender candle to try to make me drowsy. I have trouble turning it off at night. It took me quite a while to stop ticking my to-do list today and then figure out what to do tomorrow. I always try to meditate but it’s hard to sit still because something will pop into my head that requires my attention.

It seems like your brain is constantly spinning…

As humans, we’re always thinking how to solve the next problem, so it’s hard to stay in the moment – and that’s fun. That’s why I like live TV because it requires you to be fully present in the moment. Very few other people in life do that. It’s really my happy place.

And Seriously is definitely a joy shared by all of us…

It’s genuine, that’s why the public interacts with it, and I think it’s pretty special for that reason. The last series was amazing, it felt new and fresh all over again. I’ve never felt anything like Rose’s silent dance, it’s so moving.

Have the thought of leaving ever entered your mind?

I never thought so. I thought “I absolutely love this.” I can’t imagine being anywhere else. This will be the 18th year, and I’m still very passionate about it. I love the truth of it, not knowing what will happen next.

Tess and Claudia enjoy chatting about their kids over lunch

Do you have much contact with Claudia?

Yes every time. We meet for coffee, or maybe cocktails and chips in the evening. She was excellent. I love her little by little. We met in town for lunch and no one noticed. Away from the phone, I walked around happily mingling, people completely oblivious.

What do you and Claudia talk about when you meet – lots of strict gossip?

Mostly our kids really. Children, food, travel. And the houses, we’re both obsessed with remodeling our homes. But in short, it’s kids, cheese and shoes. We have a lot of shared passions.

Dan Walker has shown that lanky dancers can shine on the Serious stage. Can Vernon hold that baton?

Is Dan excellent? We never saw that coming! And he’s an inch taller than Vern. I must say, the first time I met Vernon, I was quite impressed with his dancing ability. Late at night, he’s mostly at home, working in the kitchen, but who knows? I mean, he loved the show and he had years of practice watching it with the girls while I was in the studio. But dancing in it? You definitely have to ask him.

* Tess Daly is an ambassador for Vitabiotics Wellwoman and drinks WellWoman Multivitamin Gummies, £15

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