Texas Dem rouses Boebert with fiery comments about her “nonsense.”


Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) had no “nonsense” from Rep. Lauren Boebert as the Colorado Republican pursued a House Oversight Committee witness on Wednesday.

Boebert told New York University law professor Sally Katzen during a government regulation hearing: interrupted the witness briefly during one of their answers while increase the value of their home in another case.

“Sorry, I really consider this to be something personal… my home,” Katzen said.

“Don’t you think that was an exaggeration?” asked Boebert, returning to her question.

“I don’t think you’re disparaging me or my…,” Katzen replied, before MP Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) urged committee members to respect “politeness and decency.”

Crockett went on to admit the committee is increasing their “pressure” before talking to cats.

“First of all, I want to apologize because that was inappropriate, so let me do what she would never do, which is grow up in this room or in this closet,” Crockett said.

“Also, I start with the nonsense she was trying to say, and unlike Ms. Boebert, I have legal training and passed a few bar exams, and I also legislated before I came here…”

You can see more of Crockett’s remarks in the clip below.

Crockett wrote in a tweet on Wednesday that she “stops clapping back” when far-right Republicans say “something stupid.”

“Lauren Boebert was beyond disrespectful and as grandma would say, she was ‘loud’ and ‘wrong’ today,” she wrote.

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