Texas Republican distracts to ‘wreck’ businesses, Need for God after mall shooting


Rep. Keith Self (R-Texas) brushed aside criticism that “prayer is not enough” and shifted the focus to “the destruction of businesses in. Chicago”. People at an outlet mall in the Dallas area on Saturday.

Self, whose congressional district includes the site of the fatal shooting in Allen, Texas, told CNN’s Paula Reid that he was “naturally” concerned about the rise in such gun violence cases before turning to other “violence” issues.

“Absolutely, every time there’s violence, whether it’s in one of the big cities: riots, the destruction of businesses in Chicago, or shootings like this. This is a very safe area. It’s not common,” Self said.

“I know we hear about the number of deaths on a weekend in Chicago, it’s not common in this area.”

The outlet mall shooting was added Saturday to the list of nearly 200 mass shootings in the United States this year. according to Gun Violence Archive. According to the website, there were 14,600 gun violence-related deaths in America that year.

Reid later asked Self about the criticism that “prayers aren’t enough” when it comes to addressing gun violence before the Texas Republican took aim at the analysis.

Reid later chimed in, noting that it was “difficult” to stay out of politics with Self as a politician

She added, “Congressman, I believe it’s possible both to pray for the victims and as a politician, as an elected representative, to reflect on how you protect your community.”

Self responded that he would, before shifting the focus back to “the families and victims, praying for them to be comforted in their loss in the tragedy.”

Twitter users slammed the GOP lawmakers for his interview and asked if God was now responsible for deaths from gun violence.

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